Idea for a game type: Nuked

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

I thought of a game type for Black Ops 2 called Nuked (call it whetever you like.)

Well the jist of it is that both teams must find a nuclear device, invisible on the map but visible when someone is holding it, that will set off a 30 second timer, 40 seconds in large maps, and call in a helicopter for the opposing team.

In order to win:

1. The team that set off the nuke must let the timer run out.

2. The oppsing team must kill the nuclear device holder and reprogram it so their own nuke will go off and let their own timer run out.

3. The oppsing team must go to the extraction zone where a helicopter will leave 7 seconds before the nuke goes off, but they must have a majority of players there in order to win, (5 out of 6 in a standard mode and 8 out of 9 in ground war.)

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Seems a bit to complicated for a Call of Duty game. I don't mean how it works, I'm talking about how there's supposed to be a helicopter. Also, we are but a mere 11 days from the release, I don't think they could do all of that in that time.

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It's a nice original concept. The details would need to worked out and simplified.

The element that you have here which I think could make the transition from campaign/co-op modes to multiplayer game modes is the timed helicopter extraction. This setting would also be excellent if a player could fly in, land it and fly out (like Gunship killstreak is controlled in BO).

None of this will happen for BOII of course but it's nice to wonder and dream.

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Sounds like a good creative idea, but yeah it would be too difficult I think for a COD game to make, especially with the time left until release.

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Skip the helicopter part.. then its not so difficult to implement and not so complex to play

also add 4 rounds.... team with most rounds won wins the game...

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It would be hard to implement before release, yes but remember, MW3 implemented Infected, gun game, ect.. after release. This could be something they implement in a few months.

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