I´ve changed my mind - BO2 will become the best CoD ever!

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I´ve changed my mind - BO2 will become the best Co...

Uh, when I started to play BO2 I was so ****** off!

I could not kill anyone, everything seemed to be "unplayable". Walking was like walking throug jelly. Aiming lasts for hours. Killing?

100 hits to kill someone...

It´s been a mess to understand the new class-editor, perks and attachements....

Now, after a bit more than 10 hours playing TDM and DOM, I´ve changed my mind completely!!!

While I was able to create almost deadly multi-tasking classes in MW3 to handle nearly every situation, you need to make comprises in BO2 - and that´s really fine for the gameplay!

It means: More teamplay! Especially in DOM!

While I was shooting down any airstrike in MW3, I did not even try to shoot them in BO2 - because it´s nearly impossible and unnessesary!

Weapons need to be leveled up, you need the best fitting attachments to make it work like you need/want it!

Really a great invention, that a part of "Stalker Pro" moved to weapon-attachments (adjustable shaft) and so on!

Another great thing is "Fire-Mode" to make a gun shoot automic or semi-automatic!

Despite - Most Single-Shot-Guns really become Deathmachines in automatic mode!

Automatic-Rifles sometimes need "Full-Metal-Jacket" to reach their peak!

It always costs you 1 to 2 points out of 10!

When I started BO2 in online-gaming, I made the failure to start with DOM!

It´s been an failure, because in DOM you are too busy with the map, your teammates, the flag-positions, hideouts... you won´t get used to your guns in fact!!

So I decided to go and play TDM or Free-for-All just to try different weapons - and improving my killing-abilities ;o)

Finally I´m back on my stats and skill that I´ve reached in MW3, BO, and MW2!

It´s been right to give a little time to the new CoD! (I really wanted to sell it after the first day!!)

Be fair - don´t bash it anymore! They´ve done a great job finally! You´ll see!

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Re: I´ve changed my mind - BO2 will become the bes...

For me it's the opposite, I thought it was decent for the first few hours, now I just think it's just as cheap and nasty as MW3 was.

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Re: I´ve changed my mind - BO2 will become the bes...

Its a big improvement over mw3 for me which was unplayable 90% of the time because of the lag i suffered but so far with bo2 i have not been having the lag issues

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Re: I´ve changed my mind - BO2 will become the bes...

I wish I could say something about this game but I cannot connect, so fucking gay.

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Re: I´ve changed my mind - BO2 will become the bes...

This is the best COD for me. After last nights hotfix or W/E I've been experiancing almost no lag and all of my shots are wonderfully on target.

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Re: I´ve changed my mind - BO2 will become the bes...

I'm still largely undecided, I like some of it but I feel disappointed, the new scorestreaks, some are epic, its been fun trying some out, I found hardpoint to be a nice addition, kind of like dropzone but also like king of hill in halo, erm the guns I'm not feeling, I do agree you need to level them up in order to have them how you want them, found the type 25, QBB LMG i think it is, the target finder attachment seems pretty good, I feel they have tried too much to make sniper rifles better they look awesome but I hate sniping, it seems a lot better when I tried it but its not my style, definitely try hardpoint aswell as the free for all and team deathmatch.

I will give it some time and hope that the dlc maps bring something new to the table to keep me interested

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Re: I´ve changed my mind - BO2 will become the bes...

I want to agree, though it's so hit 'n' miss... Some games it works great, when you hit someone they die etc.

But then you'll play another game OR you get Host and it's game over, I just have to leave when i'm host

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Re: I´ve changed my mind - BO2 will become the bes...

I am in full agreement with you on this. It is the best installment yet. Everything that is man-made has it's faults, nobody is perfect. The series of COD has grown so much in the past few years and the devs do all they can to please as many people as they can.

As the saying goes "You can't please all of the people all of the time"

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