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I dig it.

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For those who are sitting out there complaining about lagging and can't just be a little patient, take these facts under consideration:

1) Treyarch is releasing a widely anticipated game only a short while after dealing with a Susper Storm, which caused massive flooding, city-wide evacuations and major power-outages.

2) The night it was release, as I waited in the back of the line (yes I was there at 12 A.M. to get my copy) I watched gamer after gamer leave the store at full sprint just to get home as soon as they could, just to play it, something I'm sure more and mroe people did all across the country.

3) Like all major game releases, many "hard-core" gamers actually take time off from work to play, meaning that besides having to break for the normal reason; eating, sleeping (some), bio breaks, these players kept the serves tied up for hours on end.

So, I say again, have a little patients. If it's such a hardship to wait a little while to play the game, by all means, play something else.

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Malach 85

you make one point out of the three you stated :

the superstorm is not relevent, i dont recall Treyarch rescueing civillians trapped in their house nor did i see Treyarch heroically putting out fires!!! the game was already ready to go by the time SSS hit.

lots of people waited in line and your point is?

yes alot of hardcore gamers take time off work in anticipation of a big release, however Treyarch have  hyped it up to 11 on the expectation scale, so when there are issues, many people will be dissappointed  because treyarch have failed, which in my opinion, they have, this game is laggy, buggy and a step back.

I would not have been disappointed had treyarch not said they had listened to the gamer community , adding a button to mute other parties is a nice touch, but panic knifing is in here, the perks dont apppear to work, the colours are washed out and the sound is a joke.

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I agree with you that only one of the points were relevant.

However I feel I must point out that you carried over one mistake that he originally made. 'Hardcore' player is not related to 'diehard' fan. Just because someone takes a day off work to get a newly released game they enjoy does not mean they are a 'hardcore' player...a diehard fan (or...dare I say it...fanboy) maybe.

I've come to believe that the term 'hardcore' takes on a different meaning in the COD world than elsewhere in the gaming world. It seems the term relates to the amount of time a person puts into the game or how much they like it, when speaking to COD players. Elsewhere in the gaming world, the term is related to the type or style of play...not how much a person likes the game or how much of their time they spend playing it. I've never found anything about any COD game to be anything 'hardcore'. Lots of Diehard fans maybe, but very few (and I mean very few) 'hardcore' players.

I guess the confusion probably has much to do with the ranking system in COD games. No matter how terrible a player is, they still gain rank by putting in the time. This leads to the (false) belief that time played = ability/skill/ or whatever you want to call it. I used to consider myself a hardcore player of games because I liked games that made me think out a well devised strategy. Now I consider myself a casual player, even though I put more time into a game, I rarely put any thought into strategy or tactics any more. I just don't take it very seriously any more...and my playercard will stand as evidence to that

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Sandy knocked out power in many locations throughout the East Coast, including to the Black Ops servers, for several days.  During a time in which Treyarch/Activision would have liked to be ironing out kinks & upgrading things for the BO2 release, they were instead having to pull in extra techs just to get the MP servers back online.  So yes, the storm did affect things (particularly given that many of the bugs right now are on the server end).

If I had to guess, I'd wager that most (if not all) of the devs at Treyarch probably wanted a couple more weeks (at least) to test/refine the game before release, but since the date was set in stone and so many pre-order copies had been sold the corporate types wouldn't/couldn't give them the option of delaying it.  Sad to say, but in today's gaming world most companies feel like they'd look worse if they delayed a title than they would in shipping out a horribly flawed version on time.

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Eh, did you receive a different game than "us"?

What game-type are you playing? Did you try DOM?

"New weapons"?

Sure? There´s all similar Weapons to BO and MW3!

I do not give a shit about their look and what kind of bullets they are shooting - I´m just watching their performance and effectivity!

There´s the FN FAL again, now called FAL OSW - it sounds like the FN FAL, it´s as deadly - and with "Fire-Mode" pretty much the same than an ACR in MW3...

"Less camping"?

Go and play DOM in Peshawar, Yemen or in the Hollywood-Hills! Meet some camper-clans - and then repeat your opinion!

"Ghost" might be unlocked lately - but "Blind-Eye" is not!

BO2 has got twice more pure camping-spots than MW3 I guess! The maps are unlikely fit with wide places! There´re too many corners, dark corners, windows...

"Less Spawn killing"?

Are you serious? How many matches did you play yet? 1?

You can bet that on "Carrier", that enemies will spawn 100% right behind "A" - on the stairs at the edge of the carrier!

And: That´s just one example! I´ve been shot already so many times right in my back cause of Enemy-Spawn, that I can´t count any more!

Sure, I´ve been shot as much by Spwan-Campers while beeing spawned!

I´ve heared people in my Team (no one I know) talking about "let´s camp around the spawn-spots to win the match!" ....

And finally let´s talk about the "few bugs":

I am using my PS3 since 4 years now - no other game has frozen my PS3 that often than BO2 does!

No other game crashed in online-Lobbies that often than BO2 has done in it´s first 4 days already!

That´s not "a few tiny bugs" - that´s a mess!

You should mention, that Treyarch hasn´t changed the game-engine! So they are working on an code-platform they should know since over two years now!

Ok, Microsoft knows Windows now since 18 years and...

But: That´s NO excuse to bring a game to the stores that´s a POS!

Last but not least:

Why the **** has Activision dropped the Support-Chat?

They already earned a billion $ with BO2 - and now they are all on the run or what?

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Re: I need to speak my mind

weapons: They are newish... what are you expecting? Laser beams and photon torpedoes?  They are guns, and you can compare them to anything if you want to...

less camping: if someone is going to camp, it is their choice. True it is foolish to say there is less camping... but the fact is there are less perks to encourage it, less game bonuses to warranted it (like camping for nukes/moabs) and more ways to navigate to and around campers (not bashing camping, just saying)

Spawn killing: cannot say too much, but I did a FFA on NT2025... yeah you cannot spawn. Kill or be killed... went 25 and 25 (huh!?)

bugs: good golly! I think the game is great (too bad I cannot play it with my friends)

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Re: I need to speak my mind

Weapons:  Recoil has been drastically reduced across the board.  Shotguns have been significantly improved to the point where it's no longer a handicap to carry one (if you use it correctly).  Changing to an attachment-based "perk" system on weapons offers up a ton more customization/experimentation options for every player.  You've even got a scope now which will see through walls!  Not sure what you were expecting here, but guns are guns.  I don't think adding a water pistol or something that shot spaghetti at your opponents would be an improvement.

Camping: I've made the point before, but there seem to be varying defintions of "camping".  What is universally true now is that it's much more difficult to hide in camping spots since ghost and silencers are later unlocks and the better spots now have more ways to flank around them, and that even if you go to the effort you aren't going to be rewarded so much as the new scorestreak system rewards objective play much more than kills.  Personally I've never had an issue with people who set up shop in a window overlooking a flag in domination, even with ghost & a silenced weapon, because that's just smart objective-based gameplay.  My issue was with the idjits sitting in a random corner on the edge of the map waiting for someone to run by for the entire game...and that is what they fixed.

Spawn Killing: Agreed, the current spawn system needs an overhaul.  But that's something they will patch up in the future, once they've fixed the bigger problems that are actually preventing people from playing the game at all.

Bugs:  I don't game that much compared to many people on here; mainly just CoD and this is the first time I've tried playing a title right after release.  I know that numerous, severe bugs were reported on previous CoD titles, again mainly on the PS3, shortly after release date as well. 

As far as the game engine, yes it's the same one...but a ton of changes have been made to the servers in an effort to correct problems gamers had with other CoD titles, and that's where many of these bugs are coming from.  I agree that's it's annoying, but it's understandable & not something they could easily have beta-tested away.  If the end result is a better all-around game which we can enjoy fully by the time the Christmas noobs hit the lobbies, I'm okay with this.

Last but not Least:  I haven't tried Support Chat since the first night, where it showed something like a 20-hour wait time & I didn't bother.  But since the devs are all busy trying to fix this stuff & all support could really tell you is "We're aware of the problem & are working to solve it, please fill out this form to help us fix things faster!", it doesn't seem like much of a loss if it's offline completely.  If anyone still wants answers like that, you can message Activision Support on Twitter...I think they've caught up to where they're responding to everyone within 12 hours now.

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Re: I need to speak my mind

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Good points. I have a new PS slim (although slower than a fat, it is still new), BO2 froze a dozen times already on it. Inexcusable!

And spawn killing is there indeed, quite a nuisance.

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Re: I need to speak my mind

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I agree, after playing a while for the past 2 days, I can say it's a great game. Once the freezing and menu skipping are dealt with, it will just be very little things. Spawns do need a bit of tweaking, but not by much because I hardly run into any trouble with it. Even the connection is better than I'm used to. Sure it might need a bit of tweaking here and there, but nothing big. The unnecesarry host migrations that sometimes pop up while I'm host and not leaving... meh, I can deal with it.

If anything, I've been having more fun than I've had in a long, long time when playing CoD.

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