I'm looking for a PS3 clan

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

Hey guys, I'm a decent BO2 player that's just looking for a clan. I've found it's a pain to play team games solo as no one plays the objective.

I'm an objective player with a 1.19 KD and around a 330ish? SPM

I'd like to get into a clan with people who have mics

I'd love to meet new people and have people to play with consistantly.

Let's see what you guys have going on!

DangleSnipeNCele is the PSN

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I was looking for that, thanks.

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search for this clan: "No Way Out" or "NWO." for my clan I accept nearly anyone. (unless you have a K/D of 0.08)

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Hey seth wanna join my clan we are kinda new and looking for strong players we hope u will be one of them! are name is EliteGamingCrew so if u want to join maybe i could make u an offer as to be co owner ps3 only. Please request to join via elite thanks a lot.

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