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I am fed up!

First of all, am I the only one experiencing this? Or is everyone else having the same issue? I'm fed up of having to search for a game, only to be put with weak and crappy players. Yesterday for example, I wasted about half a damn hour trying to play 1 NORMAL (NORMAL!) game and actually win it. Here's the story:

I choose core, KC, and search for a game. I am put in a lobby with decent looking players (prestige 1-master). The teams are set up and the game starts. By the way, I'm placed with two Master Prestige, Prestige 4, Prestige 2, and Prestige 7 (I'm Prestige 1 LV 51 myself. Why so low, you'll find out later). The other team has a couple of Prestige 1s and like two Prestige 3s. I think to myself, "Ah! This should be a breeze. With my 2.03 KD and all these high level players, we will win for sure!"

Some minutes into the game. My team's score is about 20 and the enemy's score is like 35. Funny thing is, I'm on top! So, I think to myself, "How is this possible? You are all high levels! You have more experience then me! How are you so bad?! How!!?" I try to bail out my team, but my attempts are futile. This time, the score is: My team-32, Enemy-60. At this point, I just leave because it's pointless to do anything.

Later on, I go into theater mode to see how "good" my team was. Guess what! They are a bunch of idiots! One guy from my team literally walks around the enemy tags like they are some sort of land mines! What!? One of the Prestige Masters only has a gun equipped and is running around, shooting the sky, walls, and cars. What the hell are you doing?! The other Prestige Master is camping...CAMPING at a location that no one goes to (I think. The map is SLUMS. He was camping in the store where C flag is in Domination, not the car repair shop). The other two players were walking into the same location throughout the entire match, always getting killed (where B flag is). So I shook my head and forgot about this.

Another attempt to play a normal game. I join same mode and get placed into a game in progress. The map is DRONE, and my team is loosing-HORRIBLY! The score is 8 (my team) and 26? (enemy). I know that I'm not going to play this, I mean...who will!? I decide to look at the players and see what the hell they are doing. Well, as it turns out, three of the players are acting like total idiots! They all ran into that little building (near the helipad where the flag in domination is), and started doing the guy crouched, they other guy proned with his face into the other dude's ass! The third guy tried to jump on them for reasons I don't know. What the hell is this, a gangbang!? What the hell are you doing? Why are you doing this!! I just leave the game.

Maybe Domination will have something positive to offer. I join a lobby, get teamed up with decent looking players, and begin game. The map is RAID. We are doing pretty damn well until the second half. During the second half, the enemy captures Flag A. What's so bad about this, my team was right next to A! I was on the other side trying to get C. I get killed (duh) and spawn near A. Just as I spawn, enemy captures it. I kill him and try to capture A. The ENTIRE teams runs past A flag and goes to center of the map. Just as I capture it, I get shot.  Why is this happening! If my team was with me, maybe I would live. What the hell were they thinking?! But, by some magical force, we end up winning.

Ever since this crap happened to me, My KD went down to 1.98. Thanks a lot "team mates." You played VERY VERY well! No...not really, you are all horrible at this game and refuse to play the objective.

And another thing, why am I always getting placed on the losing team when I join a game in progress? Why am I always placed with crappy players? What is this nonsense?

As you can see, always having to quit because of the idiots on my team who choose to not play the objective or choose to put heads into each others ass is why I'm such a low prestige, while everyone else is higher then me...

But before you say, "Play with a party" or, "Play League Play. You'll get placed with people as good as you." Well, my answer to you is, not a lot of my friends play this game. When they do, it's usually one person. As for League Play, no one plays that! Yesterday I checked, and only 992 were playing. And even if they are as good as me, will they play the objective?

I only have one request for all of you. Don't be that guy who runs into a corner with butt buddy and places his head on the other guys butt and just sits there for the entire game. Play the objective, be a team player, be a better player!

Thanks for reading.

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Re: I am fed up!

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Hey, I know your frustration. The other day I had to turn my mic on and litterally ask people why the hell no one was trying to capture the hard point besides me. But this isnt a new problem with the call of duty franchise. People have been complaining of other people never playing the objective for a long time. When me and my friends play we play to win. We talk out strategies and thats whats fun for us. Some people want to get on the mic and scream and talk crap to other players but thats not us. We just concentrate on winning. If you looking to play with some people your more then welcome to join us. Were not really a clan but just a group of good older players (were about ages 25-34) that work pretty good together. We are actually looking for some other players to play with us because some have stopped playing black ops 2 already. We normally play with a group around 4-6 people.

Anyways, your more then welcome to add me.

psn: Professor-_-K

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Re: I am fed up!

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LOOOOL!!! What you've gotta remember is that not everyone takes the game seriously. A lot of people are messing around with friends or probably just making stupid videos for youtube. The only way you'll definitely have a good time on CoD is if you're partied up with like-minded people

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Re: I am fed up!

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1.  A player's prestige level is not an indication of their skill level; it only shows how many hours they've put into the game.  That's even more true now with all the "hacked" Prestige Masters running around.  Check the lobby leaderboard for the SPM rankings, they're far more accurate.

2.  You're going to be placed on crap teams sometimes, and other times you're going to be placed on decent teams but up against a great one.  That's just how this game works...even if you could play in a full party all the time, you're still going to lose some matches.  Take your lumps & stay in the lobby if your teammates were that bad: at least some of them will be on the other team next game (unless you're playing against a full party).

3.  Who really cares about pretend statistics in a pretend gunfighting game?  Your k/d is not going to get you women, it's not something potential employers are going to ask about, and if religion is your thing then then it's not going to get you into Heaven either.  When you get placed on a horrible team and it's obvious you're going to lose badly, just focus on doing as well as you can & piling up the points/XP.

4.  If you're playing solo, you pretty much never want to cap the C flag while your team holds A.

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Re: I am fed up!

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I do understand you, poor boy!

If you are from Europe, just feel free and send me an friendship-invite and I´ll add you.

Then you can join my Team whenever we have a place to fill!

We all do play the objective (most DOM).



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Re: I am fed up!

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Leauge play should work out for you...your more likely to get a team  that will play objectively cause the whole point of leauge is to win...As far as you getting put on to losing teams..There is nothing you can do about that...that happens cause people quit games when their losing so when BO2 finds you a game 9 out of 10 times its gonna be one of those cut down the chances of that happening play with larger parties...

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Re: I am fed up!

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Lol pretty funny story bro.

Who said you get ranked with people with a similar level think that only goes for league play as you get ranked before it starts.

2nd you have people playing objective games because it is easier to earn killstreaks,takes about 7kills just to get a care package in deathmatch because there is nothing apart from kills and destroying some equipment that you can earn points off uav's and counter uav's you get no points  in deathmatch.

I like playing barebones because i don't really like killstreaks but it's not on this game so i only really like playing deathmatch they should let you earn more points a kill in deathmatch to earn some killstreaks if they are going to make us play with killsreaks,would be nice if they up'd the kill limit too because you don't really get much time to earn any good killstreak.

And my k/d does better in deathmatch when i play anything else it goes down because there's that much stuff going on bettys,shock charges,random homing grenades everywhere and when playing on a team the spawns are really bad flipping all the time because people keep running into their spawns and flipping them,i think that's how i die the most with people spawning behind me.

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Re: I am fed up!

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1.) As said, Prestige Levels, much like K/D ratios and all, don't indicate actual "skill" as it will usually only be because they simply played the game a lot longer in general and/or camped their ass off in objective games to pad their K/D and all. Even if you're a crappy player, you'll eventually make it to high levels yourself simply by keeping at it.

2.) Being put on losing teams a lot happens to a lot of players. This is primarily because chances are that people constantly have ragequit from the team you were put on, thus leaving an empty player slot(s) that you were unfortunate enough to be selected for and dropped in. I've had this happen countless times.

The sad thing is is that even if you DON'T join the game yet (not selected a class) and just spectate for a few seconds to get the gist of the situation, and decide to leave, it STILL counts as a loss for you due to "forfeit". You should not be handed a loss unless you actually select a class and get put into the game itself, and THEN quit.

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