Host Migration? & Spawning in 1st?

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

I've been hearing a lot about host migrations lately and that has me really curious about a couple of things. I remember experiencing a few host migrations on the release date but since then and after a few hundred hours of play I have not seen a single host migration. What are the odds of that? Does this mean that I'm likely the host quite often? I will say that I have the best  wired connection speed that you can get in this particular metropolitan city and I have been suffering terribly from lag comp since the first patch, and it has only gotten worse with each successive hot fix.

The other thing that I'm curious about is the fact that I spawn into the game at the beginning of every match without exception. This seems odd to me considering that I distinctly remember arbitrarily spawning in when I first started playing. I remember someone in this forum thought that the first to spawn is is tagged as host, but that doesn't necessarily make since considering that the other team also naturally has a guy that spawns in first. I don't know, what do you guys think? I sure feel as if I somehow fit the connection parameters that treyarch has set for the host...or perennial host in my case.


What has your experience been with host migration and what are the odds of NEVER seeing one since day?

And does spawning into the game first have any significance?


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I meant to say "day one".

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Cant say ive had a host migration i can remember also.

Regarding the loading up first, i tend to play this game with a few friends who i know have better internet speeds than me, but i tend to load up first in most cases, sometimes i can be half way across the map before they spawn.

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7 of my last 10 games have ended with host migrations and then being kicked back to the lobby. I just quit playing because of it. Never had this problem before.

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