Black Ops II PlayStation 3

THey need more game modes in hardcore. I am getting tired of playing team deathmatch over and over again. My favorite mode is Headquarters.

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Too few people play hardcore. The more modes, the fewer players in each mode, the worse connection.

I would like more options, but how do you suggest they decide which one(s) to add?

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Hardcore headquarters or kill confirmed if they had them in all the other games, then theres plenty of people in the playlists for them... just trey arch usual pants hopefully repsawn will wipe all there eyes..

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i agree. And also, i think less people play hardcore because there are far 2 few game modes and the hardcore game modes we already have dosent give nearly as much exp as all the other game modes. i my self is getting pretty darn tired because there isn't anymore game modes in hardcore.

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