Hands up who bought Hardened Edition but hasn't been able to make CE camo stay on a weapon between gaming sessions?

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If something can be fixed in minutes it should be fixed. Freezes, spawn system, sound spikes, connection issues, etc are obviously not fixable in minutes, and I believe are not going to ever be fixed on BOII. So, is using a few minutes to change something minor better than not using days to not change something major?

There were only a few perks to the HE and NOT addressing this, even with a simple comment as to why there is a problem, or that they know there is a problem, or just fixing the problem, makes them look more interested in neglecting not only past-reaped finances but also premium past-reaped finances.

It's a matter of principle, decency, consistency and in their own interest to provide at least an equal service and support to HE version as to regular.

Put another way:

If this happened to the SKULLS camo on all weapons, it would have been fixed.

(More of the community would have reported it and it would have looked worse gamewide, in this instance probably the same % of people who have HE have reported it but that is a lower number of people, less "power" and anyway, "who cares, the premium cost for HE has long since been scooped?".

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