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hmmm, I think you have some valid points there, I play some of both, keep going back to core though, not sure

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Both game modes take a very different set of skill sets to be effective in their games. Myself, I'm a hardcore game mode player. I enjoy the challenges of having the "more realistic bullet damage" up, no radar or bullet count, no crosshairs etc. It also makes for a more realistic paced game play where you can't just get away with running across open ground carelessly and into unchecked rooms. Bad players and a few friends who mostly play "core" always get caught doing the open dash and sprint around corner's deal and get capped. And you are right, with very slim chance to fight back cause you can only take 2 rounds to the chest on average.

When I "try" and play core im a disaster cause guys are taking an average 4-6 rounds to bring down on solid body hits. Thats my theory for COD being a dominatly SMG sprint with the core games. Distance kills are far less reliable because taking into account (accuracy to get 5-6 rounds on, time it takes to get those hits), and the enemy has time to move/dodge/shoot back etc. I find a 3rd of the long range shots dont end up in a kill. He gets into cover, heals and in turn i've given my position away. SMG's are great cause up close is more reliable, quick to pull up ADS, fast ROF = better kill success.

Core has just more of an arcade fighter feel, while Hardcore is more slower paced with quick burts of intense firefights.

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Well, I still run my SMG on Hardcore, along with some of the other, faster firing weapons like the Type 25, but I tend to already stay out of the long lines when using them because snipers and ARs were already a in Core and even more so in Hardcore, but I run 20 percent accuracy with most of my weapons, save the shotguns and snipers, they're a bit higher. and by that the shotties run at around 45-50 percent and the snipers run at 65+ percent depending on how much I've used them. So, with accuracy like that and an SMG at close range, I take out parties of 4-5 like they're nothing. That's the main reason that I think Hardcore is a little easier then Core. In that situation, I'd have to fire off some shots, duck behind a corner, reload and pray to god I get lucky and get 1 or 2 before I die.

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Are you a fucking idiot? The whole point of a shooter is that the person who has better accuracy and tactics to get the drop on someone should win. Not the Bullsh t they pull in core where you get the drop and then have to empty half a clip into one person but they turn around and 1 shot you.

Maybe if the connection issues and matchmaking in this turd didn't exist, core could be considered more balanced.

But as is, I play HC because at least most of the time, if I shoot first I win.

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I think that is should go for both core and hardcore modes as long as your playing what the ops for.

TDM ops count in hardcore and core, KC ops count in core and hardcore. no matter is your playing core or hardcore as long as it is what the ops for it should count. Just my opinion.


ok just read other post on this thread and seen that some of you said that Hardcore counts to the ops, if that is true (haven't looked at it that close to see if it does or not but have noticed points for doing the ops) then they need to leave it that way and not change anything. i love playing Hardcore b/c i can accually kill someone and not unload a clip into someone as they gun me down.

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my clan ONLY plays HC, and we are now level 10. We enlist in everything and then go play HC.

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Does that mean you can play clan ops in hc when there's a competition?  If so I'm all in.

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