Great Double XP Weekend

Black Ops II PlayStation 3


I got on for a few hours here and there, was having a good run last night until i started getting thrown into loads of lobbies full of split screeners and french players, the games went to hell when that happened so i quit

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It was a great weekend. Didn't touch this game the whole weekend. Best weekend ever!

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I starting seeing increased hit detection issues starting saturday until mid-day sunday

but other than that, It was cool.

Cancelled plans for it.

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Heh, I did not cancel any plans but I may have rushed a few things along to get em done.  

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Dunno why, but friday and saturday in the day, I got a sh*ttons of host migrations and disconnects from host resulting in games going back to lobby.

On sunday, I got the servers unavailable message for most of the day.

Still managed to get a whole prestige closer to PM though (P8LVL30 to P9LVL35). Overall, minus the crappy hosts and the servers unavailable on sunday it was a decent weekend.

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The game overall has been very good for me however Fri/Sat terrible on KC however I ran a few games wireless due to decorating, Sunday back to wired and ran really good on TDM clan ops.

Moral of the story stay wired.

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Gr8 weekend!  I didn't get to play as much as i wanted but the little i did i had a blast!  Thursday night the game for me...was not playable at all!  And then by Friday night, i played for about 3 hours solid and i had no problems whatsoever!  same goes for Saturday and Sunday both!  I don't know what happened but BO2 seemed like it was as smooth running as it was on release weekend.  I got with some friends and almost did a full prestige in the little time i played.  We killed some lobbies with games ending with 30-50,000 xp was gr8!  Keep it up 3arc!!

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I have rarely ever had problems with lag, and I use a wireless connection.  I'd say maybe 1 in 30 matches at the most.  This weekend was similar to any weekend since I've gotten BO2.

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im wireless too and i had i think three matches where lag was prevelent or that i noticed

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