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I have to admit I made quite a few threads before BO2 was released about how terrible the game would be without ghost. And I'll admit I was wrong. However I am actually so glad that Ghost is no longer a "must use" perk. I mean okay it was never a "must use" perk but people used it a lot, like Assassin from MW3 and Ghost from B.O 1, I mean now people can use other perks and be more free.

I mean I only used ghost for two games and was seriously missing my lightweight and hardline or my lightweight and flakjacket.

I mean I don't even see the need to use ghost now. Sure UAV's get spammed but lets face it. Since nearly everybody shows up on the map now. It doesn't matter. The UAV only lasts a short time now (I think the time in MW3 was 21 seconds, I think it is shorter now).

So yeah I am very pleased with this.

My only one small gripe is that you can no longer snipe well when the enemy has a UAV but a small price to pay for how everything has worked out.

So what are your thoughts on the new ghost? Do you think you'll use it? Do you agree it has benefited the game by having it at such a high unlock?

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Re: Ghost.

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I'm sort of indifferent about it. At first I was pretty upset, but considering you can get rid of a UAV with your secondary grenade (the black...thing, I forgot) I've come to terms with it. I still use ghost, even though I experienced the same thing as you where as soon as I got it I missed my lightweight, so now I find myself having to double up on perk 1. The only thing for me is that I didn't think Assassin and Ghost were problems previously, the idea that someone might have them just made me pay that much more attention to the map and not get me too used to using the radar as a crutch. I know people think they enabled camping, but I just didn't see that as a very big problem in Blops 1 and MW3.

edit: It's not as bad as I thought it would be. Don't want to sound like a negative nancy.

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Re: Ghost.

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I agree it didn't bother me either. I liked the fact I could play more sneaky in my games. I found myself doubling up on lightweight and Flakjacket because a frag Grande would always come flying my way and catch me off mark. Plus those hunterkiller drones were very annoying and you can survive them with Flak Jacket (I think) or at least I managed to survive one. (for some reason they rarely come my way)

But anyway yeah. I just think, since Ghost isn't so big in this game and not many use it compared to previous C.O.D's that I feel I don't feel disadvantaged without ghost.

The other perk 1s are just too tempting to switch. I mean ghost is only active while moving which kinda forces you to move and when you aim to take a shot you slow down and you get spotted anyway so it kinda looses its appeal in this C.O.D

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Re: Ghost.

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I think taking ghost away resulted in just as much camping as there was before. Now all people do is head glitch behind all the stuff that's conveniently placed at corners when the UAV's up. I personally hate being up on the radar, and think it's pointless to see where everyone is in the game at all times, especially when its just 3 kills to do so. They also made CUAV like 6 or 7 kills which is the most pointless thing ever because there are better streaks in that range to equip. They should have made UAV 6-7 kills as well and there would be no need for ghost and people wouldn't spam it all day long. This game has 2 play styles right now as a result of UAV spamming: Rushers who run out with SMG's and lightweight who get 1-2 kills and die & Camper/head glitchers that if you surive the rushes and try to move up the map shoot you as you do so. Add in the lag comp and it's the most frustrating CoD ever. At least for me.

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Re: Ghost.

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Thanks to ghost I'm able to circle around those headglitchers and formally introduce them to my Remington. Often finding them that little bit easier as they feel the need to mark their territory with Betty's.

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Re: Ghost.

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ghost with silencer seemed to make my score a lil bit more respectable.

without it its just a massacre with all the lagg issues lol

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Re: Ghost.

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I find ghost an amazing perk in this game and use it on every class. I found Hardline more useful in MW3 (assist counts as kill) and used Scavanger in Black Ops. I play kill confirmed and constantly find myself in the enemy spawn attempting to collect tags. UAVs are spammed so much it's really easy to flank now since enemies are focused on the red dots.

In previous cods stealth perks were hates because people sat in corners undetected with it. Now, ghost is used as it should and I don't have an issue with it

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