Ghost is so counterproductive!

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

Yeah could you imagine having to actually look for people instead of relying on a little map up in the corner. What were they thinking?

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That's still somewhat possible. And if it came to that, who could blame them? This isn't pac man.

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It's funny, Ghost is one of the most passive perks in the game and people hate it so much. Why? Well, they don't hate it for the benefits, they hate it for amount of extra work the they have to put forth because of it

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I never buy FPS as soon as they come out, only after the early adopters have helped iron out the kinks and having read opinions. Having read this thread I will not be buying BO2 full stop.

I like ghost the way it is in BO1, I use it when necessary, and it is on occasion. There's no way I'd put up with what's been described on here.

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IMO the old ghost was ok, I don't know why people think everyone should show on their mini map once a UAV goes up.

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It's to stop campers from hiding in a room with shocks and claymores/bouncing betties and ADS onto a door with a shotgun.

Personally I have never run Ghost and never will so this isn't a problem for me and from my angle, it drives me mad when I play against players like the above.

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Its a legit way to play the game. Yeah it may anger you, but who's to say you need to rush into rooms guns blazing, instead of checking blind spots or dark corners? Its people with this opinion that the dev catered to. Instead of people applying some thought and tactic to their play style.

Who's to say that running around like a mad person with sensitvity cranked to 10 is  the "proper" way to play the game? Maybe in someones opinion, but not in others. Maybe I like to play the game at my pace, not yours. Maybe it angers me when I play tactics, creeping and such, and some guy who has just been running the perimeter of the map comes up behind me, shoots me in the back, and just keeps going. Who's to say thats the way the game is "suppose to be played"?

Its just because people  who refuse to play the game the way others do, and when others play differently, well we think thats wrong, so lets have the dev make it to your play style and not anothers. Were is the logic behind that?

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Totally agree, people bought the game so they decide to play it however they want. I don't know why people think everybody should play the game rushing all the time.

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No one that wanted ghost changed used it, that's the point, they did not use it, it did not benefit them or suite their play style so why should anyone else have it. The mentality is ridiculous! There are numerous perks and equipment I don't use, but I wouldn't deny anyone else the choice to use them simply because I don't want them to and it makes things easier/harder for me! Everyone wants this game to suite them, and them only, it's ridiculous!!!

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it really is useless right now. i like how people say that i have to adapt to it. no, i just have to learn to tolerate it. people that say that uav keeps the game moving, it does... but it really doesn't. you either see people just running around not caring whats going on, or, more of what i am seeing, is it makes people stare at the minimap and point the weapon at a position because they see someone moving to a point. and yeah, god forbid you slow to a crouch walk, and reload...

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