Ghost/ Assassin Pro = No Killcam

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

No, me neither. If you were to remove killcams, simply show the leaderbaord/game scores in the background. Killcams will likely stay.

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My main reasoning is because usually i play as a sniper.  And in doing so every time i get a kill from a spot that is fairly well covered all someone has to do is watch the kill cam and they know almost exactly where i am.  I get wanting to disable this for "campers" but in reality arent you meant to "camp" as a sniper?

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maybe add this option to a different perk since ghost is already a very powerful perk.

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Fair enough, have another perk. I totally get the OP though, killcams are pretty silly.

I mean, without them you know which direction you were shot from anyway and for true campers types - at least clever camper types - they would move a short distance for any revenge rushers and rack up the fast kills and streaks, adding frustration too.

Perhaps a good idea would be instead of a killcam, have a kill map showing the map full screen at the time of the kill (with all the green triangle and any red dots that were showing) with a pulsating area of red where the kill came from - a small-ish area - say 10 metre diameter but of course not actually showing the look, approach, precise location.

If they were to put in perks to cover all this, I think you should be able to choose perks over however many tiers there will be to make a proper assassin type.

ASSASSIN (inc. Pro) could be the stealth part: hide killcam, no name showing in red.

CAMOUFLAGE (inc. Pro) could be the air detection part: no show on UAV when still, crouched or crawling, only once every 3 sweeps when moving, once every 2 sweeps when running, no targetting from aircraft.

NINJA (inc. Pro) could be the invisible silent part: silent and motion sensor/Sentry/thermal non-detection.

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Great point of view, well explained, nice argument.

Sorry, you're one of those telepathic types aren't you?

Then your post is not necessary, I understand your views.

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