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Not for zombies. You underestimate the amount of zombie players. Mob of the Dead seems like the best zombie map on Black Ops 2. I can't wait to play this map. The MP maps all suck. Same old guy hiding in a corner. Then you get the same old guy on the forums telling us that its ok for him to do that. Knowing it isn't. Why don't you play the game to realize that everyone is doing it. It will kill this game. Only 300K left playing comparing that to Black Ops 1 500K at the time 2 years ago.


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Re: Get Ready PS3 Users!

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It is ok for him to do it. Is MaTty going to punish him for doing it? No. I get on the game and see 250, 000+ and nearly half the count is in Zombies. Black Ops had more players because nO_oBs and scrubs had a better chance at doing well by hiding with Ghost. Imo.

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