Game randomly changing / Custom Classes not maintained

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

A new issue started today. My custom classes disappear once I am in a lobby and game mode/type changes. I only play Team Deathmatch. Now, it is a crapshoot as to whether or not that is the game type once it launches. I also noticed that at one point, I had the option to launch a game. It was fine the last time I played about 4 days ago. Also, I seem to now have two sets of Custom Classes. The set that was there 4 days ago, which I can access only prior to going to the matchmaking and the set that is available once I'm in a game lobby. Am I missing something?

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It seems to be a new TDM exclusive glitch. I experience it once.

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had it happen twice so far, classes are fine, join a lobby and no attachments on any of my guns.  Leave the lobby and everything is fine again like it never happened.

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Yep, this happened to me once to me too. But the way it played out for me was I was in a party with my friend who was still below level 12 but I wasn't so he went into combat training, which brought me in with him. And so I was playing combat training and I noticed right off the bat that my classes had been reset to the level 4(default) custom classes, and he called me and said he got kicked from the lobby, so I left and everything was OK. So this glitch caused me to be able to play combat training, but with the default custom classes. And kicked all but the host from the party. It has not happened since though.

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