Fresh Start Failure.

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

So I am fairly new to FPS, and the COD. Last night I hit level 55 and was stoked to prestige. Well, I didn't really know what to do to prestige, and based off of my lack of understanding what prestiging actually is(which I wanted to do), I choose the "fresh start" option. Now I am level 1. No prestige, and reset stats. Suffice to say, I am bummed. I wish thtat there were a grace period to reverse this. I didn't fully understand what the fresh start was, and now that I do, I am not stoked about it. I should be working on my second prestige today...not working to get back to my first. Help.

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Oh, that's so sad.


A tip to the developers - better not grant "reset" option until after say Prestige 10 - that way you'll save any new players that aren't yet acquainted with the game from facing what the OP has faced.



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I am sorry this happened however, what did you expect would happen if you clicked Fresh Start?

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Bummer but you are likely going to have to chaulk this one up to learning the hard way.

Fortunately that first pres will go by faster the second time since you are better at the game now... right?

Good luck.

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I don't understand why anyone in their right mind would want to wipe out all their stats and progress and start all over again.

I realize you did it by accident but I don't understand why the option even exists.


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My friend did it so he could use his 0 prestige as practice to learn the maps. He ended up with a low KDR. So he resetted, knows the maps and better ways to play and now has better stats. If you play for stats, this is a good way to go.

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The only thing is, you loose all the kills you already racked up? Plus, resetting in my mind doesn't show the bad games you had during the "learning curve" so how is that an accurate reflection in terms of stats??? I'm not trying to be an a**. I just don't understand why it would be a *more* accurate reflection of ability or accomplishment.

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Not more accurate, just not letting those learning curve games cost against you.

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I thought it would  wipe your k/d w/l but upon futher inspection i read it slower lol but yeah save it for 10th. Better yet why even have it

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its for people who play poor at the start like most games and then once they get the hang of things reset stats 1st prestige then go from there

imho its a good move from the devs

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