Black Ops II PlayStation 3

The same exact thing happened to me last year. My playstation works fine and then I buy Black Ops and it just won't play that game. It will play every other game I own so I bought I new ps3. And guess what not even two years later I had to buy a new playstation to be able to play this game. I love these games but I am so upset right now. I don't think I will buy another call of duty if I have to buy another playstation.

Started and froze after download

Restarted ps3 and it wouldn't even read disk

Tried blu ray movie and that worked

Tried modern warfare three and that worked

Tried a cd and that worked as well

Bought two games and had a friend come over

NEITHER of the three games worked! Got on a different psn account still nothing

So went to a friends house and tried both games on their ps3 and what do you know it freaking worked.

Bought a new ps3 and a third game (but fourth game I tried)

And it froze twice while in a party lobby

Restarted ps3 and went to public match by myself and is working fine.

I understand bugs but it pretty much crashed two of my playstations because now my old one won't work with anything and I have to send it in

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same mine freezes sometimes in the loading zones or in game -_- so dissapointing

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constant freezing!!!! before the menu, after a game and zombie... this game gonna fucktop her ps3 man

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