Freezing STILL after 1.04! New freezes...

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

I experienced a couple freezes here and there with 1.03 very was the usual "awaiting textures" freeze.

That was fixed, but now I'm getting this crap.

It did it last night about 2 hours after playing...right when the game was over and you're supposed to be back into the lobby screen. Hard froze..

Today, played about 30 minutes with no problems, bam..same thing. Match was over, black screen, hard froze.

Anyone else having this happen?? This is freaking ridiculous!!

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My zombies still freezes. The game also froze on me while play KC today

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I honestly still can't believe freezing is still going on...

Does anyone know if hard freezes do damage to your PS3?

My techy nerd friend told me it doesn' just means the system hangs up but there shouldn't be any damage done unless you unplug your PS3 straight from the wall to restart it.

He said the safe way to restart a hard freeze is to eject your disk.

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I didn't have the freezing problem until I installed the patch (1.04) today - ridiculous that the patch broke my game. I've already done about 7 hard resets today and I won't risk damaging my PS3 by playing this game until the issue gets resolved. I'm surprised this hasn't gotten more responses since I've asked my friends online and most of them are having the same problems. I can play other games just fine, so it is definitely Black Ops2.

- PS3 Slim 120GB

- No modifications

- Crashes in multiplayer (haven't tried playing the other modes). If I am able to play, it is only for maybe a game or two, but it always locks-up eventually. Always freezes during the loading of a new map and I have to do a hard reset of the PS3. It checks for the corrupt file system on restart. I thought it may have something to do with the textures I downloaded to the HDD getting corrupted, but even after uninstalling those I'm still seeing the problem.

- Arizona and CECH-2001A

-I did encounter a system report prompt from Sony and did submit a report

RANT: Treyarch needs to seriously rethink their quality control. There is no way they couldn't know about these glaring bugs in the game before release. And I'm not talking about B.S. complaints like "This gun doesn't have enough recoil. " I'm talking about the "I can't f*cking play the game because it freezes and it has now broken my console's ability to read Blu-ray because I had to do too many hard-resets." All it does is f*ck over your paying customers. In software there is a thing called regression testing to ensure that new features don't break previous functionality - maybe you should invest some of your millions on that. Also, WTF is with PS3 getting the sh*tty end of the stick. I'll be getting an Xbox if my PS3 dies, or if Xbox 720 does come out next year even if I do have to pay to play online. Weighing the pros vs. cons, for me at least, is in favor of Xbox now. I'd also be switching to playing Halo as my FPS of choice. Sorry, but as I started typing the issue I was having, the rage started building more and more. F*CK YOU TREYARCH AND ACTIVISON.

P.S. I wouldn't be surpised if this post gets taken down.

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Poor development for PS3, once again. I'm not surprised.

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I have the same problek only I have had it almost the whole time. I bought Hardened Edition for about $92.....And I was able to play in the beggining pretty well. I was still having some freezes but I was able to play a few matches and even played a few hours at a time. I downloaded my extra Hardened Edition content and now everytime the match ends I freeze when I am supposed to go back to the lobby. Been going on for almost a month now. I only got play opening weekend. I have been sitting here waiting for the next patch...And this one did not do the trick either. I can't play zombies, except I can play a few on the Nuketown map before the freeze happens. I tried everything, even restored factory settings on my PS3, and still nothing. In fact my old Black Ops has the same problem now too. I am so fed up, I want my money back, and of course Activision has not gotten back to me on that one. LOL!  Campaign freezes whenever it is trying to give me a trophy. FED UP!!! If anyone figures out a fix, please help me. I am disabled this is my only game since I traded all my others in. I need something to do I AM SOOOOO BORED!!!!!!

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I'm still getting the freeze for ~10 seconds then get the connection interrupted message and glitched backwards when:

1. Entering a game 8/10 times last night.

2. Switching classes in a match 10/10 times last night.

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