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Black Ops II PlayStation 3

I realize you are the forum manager and moderator; my hope is that you also might have the ability to convey more of a powerful message then i can.  I am writing this not as an act of defiance or for the sake of some argument.  My intent is solely based on this.  I have enjoyed the game for the last two days; i truly have; however, my good friend's playstation continually crashes.  He has never voiced his opinion on the furoms but i have.  Please if you have any pull or means to convey this message closer; please let the develops know that the fatty/older Playstations are still struggling with this game.  I truly truly don't mean this to be confrontational; i really want the issue focued on and resolved.  My good friend and i have continuelly good rounds; and the game will crash on him.  While i am still enjoying the game; he is losing faith rapidly. 

I understand you will possibly close this to comments and understand; please do what you can.  Thank you sir.

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I'm not Foxhound, but you need to get your friend to fill out the crash form in the Support section of this website & provide as many details as possible about his system & when the game is crashing it.  It would also probably help if he has his console set up to send crash reports to Sony after it happens, as I'm sure they can work with sharing such information with Treyarch/Activision to (hopefully) get a fix.

PS: So long as you can make your point without dropping 30 f-bombs or threatening Vahn's life, I think it's okay on here.

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I am trying to get him to do that.  Reguardless his PS3 isn't the only one still experiencing this issue.

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Harv has the right path. Have your friend contact Support and file a ticket.

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