Fix the damn problems already

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

or implement a way to get a full refund for those of us who want one.

Fix the lag and lag comp. Getting pretty pissed when I can't kill someone with a full clip, but I get one shot killed.

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How about when you're shooting them and run at you and knife you?!?!?! WTF?! That pisses me off.

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That happened to me last night. This guy was running around on the map with the stores (Plaza?) with just knives. Not once did he use a gun and he was pretty much invincible. I was shooting him point blank and he just knifed me from 10 feet away (10 feet in game).

And I thought this game was going to curb campers? There is nothing but campers. Every window, every doorway, every corner there's someone camping.

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Yeah lag com seems alot worse than mw3

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my games going back tomorrow because of it spoke to the store and been told i can have a full refund

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yeah im with you guys im absolutely SICK of them launching a new COD and it be complete SHIT!!! they have had 2 freaking years to fix and work the problems out of the new game and now that its out its basically unplayable!!! its a joke man and it really pisses me off...

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Count yourselves lucky, I haven't been able to get online for 2 days now, I think compensation is needed. 

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The knifeing is awesome in this game. (sarcasm)  When I finally got to play online a guy knifed me, I watched the kill came and I was not even in the screen, whats up with that?

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