Fix the broken ladder ranking system

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

What is the crack with that league ranking, we had 6 players in a party play the five placement matches at the start of season 2, we won 4/5, but your ranking system decided that our strongest performer during the placement would be placed in bronze but 3 of our weakest players made it into platinum, one made silver and two in gold. we then played another 16 games losing 4 and by the end of game 16 our weakest player had been promoted to masters above the others in platinum (same subdivison) he went from 17th in platinum to 94 in masters even though our other players were ranked fifth and second but what makes less sense was his average score and kdr was well below the other party memebers, whereas our strongest was 200 points clear of his bronze subdivision but not promoted.

any help on how it actually works would be great.

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You are looking at the wrong stats i would say

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dose this help?

Ladder Ranks and Ladder Points
You will start in a ladder with zero ladder points. In order to advance in subdivision ladders you must earn ladder points and the only way to earn ladder points is by winning matches.  You will also lose points if you lose matches.

The number of points that can be earned or lost in a match depends on your skill and the skill of your opponent and the predicted outcome of the match. You will win more ladder points if matched against an opponent that the system evaluates as favored, or lose more points if the system thinks you are favored to win the match. Note that the displayed rank may not directly reflect the hidden skill rating, as the player or team may be trending up in their hidden skill rating.

In addition to ladder points there is a weekly bonus that can be earned for your first wins of the week. Each win will earn you a number of bonus ladder points in addition to the points that are awarded for the match. The weekly bonus is reset every Sunday night at 3am PT, so be sure to complete enough matches during the week to earn your full weekly bonus

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but that still doesnt explain how our best player is ranked 4 leagues lower than our worst.

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