Black Ops II PlayStation 3

This launcher is impossible to get the ronin camo for!

Why is it 10 player controlled scorestreaks? Nobody uses the damn Quadrotors or AGRs!!

I need advice, can someone help?

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It's just the way people play. Maybe in the future people will get bored and start using those scorestreaks. I am in the same boat as you. I have prestiged this weapon once and am halfway to prestiging it again. I keep looking for those scorestreaks also and have yet to come across anyone using them.

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KC is a good mode to find thoese score streaks

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I just completed this challenge. I tried every game mode and class setup and this is what worked for me

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I'm trying to get Secondaries gold right now, so whenever a Dragonfire gets called in I try and switch my class to take it out. It's typically down by then thought

The AGR is too powerful to me. I've shot it twice with the FHJ and didn't kill it. I even used a full clip in it prior and hit it with a grenade. It's too resistant to explosives

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The AGR dies pretty quick to an LMG with FMJ though.

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Throw one emp grenade at it first to stun it and the rocket will kill it.

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For me I just used Cold-Blooded, Blind Eye, Engineer and equipped EMP grenades. They stun the AGR without killing it (use 1 not 2) and then you can lock on.

The one that I think is crap is trying to do it to a sentry gun, they ALWAYS see you and get you

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done it .

play domination or groundwar.

most likely you will see a vtol or lodestar at some point lol.

dragonfire usually are useless but if you see someone just prestiged then best chance you might see it lol.

AGR you will find alot in HQ.

best is to find a clan as opponent and just take your deaths and wait till they get lodestar or vtol lol.

takes 3 shots to take down.

make sure you have coldblooded and scavenger or a black hat with you.

or wait till your teammates get off 1 or 2 rockets and then finish it off.

you will need patience though  lol.

ps sentry gun could count as a user controlled streak to

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It took me a looooong time to get the Ronin camo.   I found the best place for crazy score streaks to be Domination and Hard Point.

My 10th one was done when I intentionally gave my opponents a dragon fire care package.  

I used blind eye, cold blooded and EMP grenades on this crusade.  A tip on the dragon fire, get it smoking with your gun BEFORE you try to hit it with the FHJ.  It takes 2 rockets and you dont often get a chance to lock on twice.

Not one of the ten was a ARG or Sentry Gun.  Finding a player controlled one of those is getting to be super rare.

Good Luck, I know I sure am glad I dont have to do it again.  On to the RPG to finish these off.

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