Black Ops II PlayStation 3

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As you said blind eye doesn't help you against an AGR, cold blooded will do its job if a player is controling it though, you wont get lit up with the red diamond.

The best way I found to kill it was to shoot it a bit then Hit it with the FHJ, depending on how much you shoot it and if you have FMJ on your gun this will make it take 1-2 FHJ shots.  Camo achievement out of the way the BEST way to kill an AGR is to just use C4, if you throw it close enough it will take it out in 1 C4.  2nd best way would be FMJ Mk48, that FMJ on that gun is dirty againt scorestreaks.  The hardest part I found was just finding a AGR period, I don't usually play alone typically play with 1-2 other players, and also in a full party.  Playing with other compitent players usually equals no high kill streaks for the other team.  All this time playing running around with an FHJ on my back and I only have 4 of 10 Player controlled scorestreaks shot down >_<

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