Black Ops II PlayStation 3

yep that's how i did it

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Wait, can you emp it and then hit it with a FHJ?

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yes you can, that's how I got it as well

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run fmj with scavenger blind eye and equip a black hat to.

lodestar agr and vtol take 3 shots so first use back hat and then rocket launcher.

also scavenger reloads it so you dont have to kill yourself lol

ground war dom and HQ is best chance.

also you can shoot sentry guns to and defenders lol.

sentry gun might count for your challenge.

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When I got mine gold the agr's were easiest for me. I use shock charges to slow them down. I play HC KC and more people in HC modes are prevalent to run them aswell

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This is the last challenge I have for the FHJ too. I've gotten so many hit markers and I always seem to get in the first hits and my teammates finish off the AGR. It sucks. I guess it wasn't suppose to be easy.....

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I just got that challenge after working two weeks on it. I tried every game mode and lots of different class setups. Heres what worked for me;
It shows my class, game mode and map that worked for me. Good luck.

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thats video helps a lot, im gonna try it out see if i get it or not with one emp and one rocket

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Run an LMG on your Anti-Air class and shoot the AGR first before finishing it off with the FHJ's - Just throwing this out there.


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1.) FHJ (obviously)

2.) Anti score streak perks (blind eye, cold blooded, I don't think any of these stop the AGR from shooting at you but you have to confidence to get close LOL)

3.) C4 it once, shoot a couple of bullets at it.

4.) Blast it with a rocket and hope it dies.

5.) Hope nobody else kills it first.

The rest is luck.  I had this challenge to do for so long - I couldnt believe I did it when it happened.  But thats what I did when I killed it finally. 3 rockets to kill a robot?  It takes less to take down a VTOL, how screwy is that?

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