Every game rage quitters.

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

I can see why. This games a joke.

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What may appear as rage quitters to you could be a result of massive connection problems with this game. Every game I play I am getting host migration and people getting kicked out of my party all the time.

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Every game has rage quitters in every Call of Duty game that features online play. Not just Black Ops 2.

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Thanks for that. I never would of known. I was trying to say that this has by far the most quitters, I'm guessing because of the massive bullshit factor.

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i know i dont want to stay in a match when im on the bad side of lag comp, which is most of the time. so yeah i back out. i get tired of people absorbing my bullets just to be shot once and killed, but on the kill cam it shows me firing one round. tell me why i should stay.

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when you shoot an entire clip in someone and he then turnsaround and then kill you, well you might as well quit that game.

there is no point in getting more and more frustrated by staying in such a game.

might as well get frustrated trying to find a game where bullets actually seem to do some damage.

for instance i kill alot of people with the scorpion no problem.

game finishes and you unlock silencer and you equip it.

now all of a sudden this weapons doesent seem to do any damage at all.

i can understand its range is reduced but please explain to me how it does less damage when your just a few feet behind a person.

TBH it seems this game is all about the spectecular loudly shootouts and there is no place for those who actually like to make as less sound as they would.

i cant even secure a HQ point in a stealth way cause every time someone comes near it i have to shoot without a silencer and let everyone know im there lol.

well i dont care if anybody hates me or not but im rage quitting everytime im getting so much BS dont matter im the host or not.

1 thing i wont do is pull the connection out.

but rage quitting ow hell yeah.

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I play solo, so I quit out a lot, and my W/L ratio is terrible at the moment as a result. This is mainly due to joining games where my team is getting absolutely destroyed by a full party, or in which the connection is sketchy and I start going awfully negative in gun fights I should be winning. Now that there's a break halfway through Domination, that's basically an invitation for people to leave.

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I "rage quit" all the time when my ps3 freezes and disconnects me from the game Im in.  Beyond that I actually leave a lot more games than ever because when I'm shooting someone 7, 8, 9 times with an AR I truly believe they should be dead, but apparentaly Treyacrch and there shitty servers don't feel the same always.  I've been in rooms a guy can kill me in 2 shots with a PDW-57 and it took me 4 bursts from the Swat 556 (12 bullets).

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Thing i hate about rage quitters or just quitters in general...the the host the most. is if it migrates host in the middle of the game or even the start sometimes it dose not track your stats for that game. which alot of times i tend to do vary well for my self. I also do dislike joining loosing games but if your going to take a loss to your W/L record might as well put up with it and earn a few points you didnt have before.

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