Black Ops II PlayStation 3

Elite or not to Elite ......

I jumped onto the elite bandwagon as a founder in Mw3 ......and if it had not been for the included DLC i would have been ticked off and still was to an extent

But For BO2

all i will say it is there for you to use or not use ........its up to you

Here is a list of my Pros and Cons

Pro:  Competitions, your clan can enlist and compete to gain clan XP

Con: Why have competitions, when all you get is a clan page titles to show your clan level (this might change in the future)

Pro: you get an Elite calling card, and Camo

Con: who cares that you got them

Pro: You can look at other players custom classes and copy Them you your own custom class

Con: takes time to do this: and only works if you have all the items unlocked

Pro: can study and see where you die/kill the most

Con: you should already know this after a game or 3 on the same map

Pro: Leaderboards.....

Con: there in the game to....and hacked LOL

Pro: Clan Members list .......this is the best thing about Elite IMO as i use the same gamer name for different games, it acts like an extened friend list for me

Con: if your in a large clan some members may be annoying and they know when your online LOL

and this list could go on and on

I know some will say its free while others will say we pay for it one way or the other, the fact is the game cost me $59 bucks (US)  and while i know a portion of that probally goes into elite......the fact  remains that even without elite we would have paid the amount for the game.

I cant say elite helps or hurts, and since there is no public items for clan to show off i cant find a good argument for anyone who would say why should i get it.......

Its there for now .......take it or leave it

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Personally, I think ELITE is a joke. For those of us that were founders, we basically paid Activision to beta test their own product and all we got was some lame emblem/title in return. And since they made everything free for everyone now, there is no special advantage or perk to being a founder member other than saying you got swindled out of more money and got nothing in return. This is, of course, assuming the website isn't down or whatever since it seems like it's always under going maintenance or just plain not working. The stats are different than what the stats in-game says so great job on that. This game is all about stats so where are we to go to get the REAL stats of our playing? Making ELITE free for everyone was just another marketing ploy by Activision/3arc to make it seem like they;re looking out for us and trying to get us a better "system" within the game. I got the Hardened edition of MW3 so this just came with it. I got it for the DLC primarily. I'd never pay anything for this crap website seeing as how it doesn't even function properly half the time. Pure garbage.

And the leaderboards? What a fucking joke that is. I STILL see all the boosters/hackers on top of the lists and no one has done anything about it. Leaderboards are just a joke and can't even be taken serious. Seems like no one at Activision has any clue on how to run/fix this so they'll just leave it and hope no one notices.

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Oh my god! Thank you guys for stating that issue. It is absolutely ridiculous how the top people on those lists dont even get erased and banned for their obviously bogus stats.

2 or 3 thousand points per minute? COME ON ALREADY!

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