Don't blame the game!

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

I see a lot of threads complaining about things that make you rage in the game besides from lag and server issues, heck even i have made those post and after reading the replies is when I come to realize that the game is not to blame not the deceloper. Its the community that makes tge game horrible over using equipment, attachments, etc. yea yea i get uts if its in tge mage why not use it right , but what other  people do its just rediculous i mean why would some one really think that k/d makes the player. And camp the crap out of maps . I know some one will reply with some thing like "if they are coming at me why move" so to those ppl i say THANX FOR KILLING COD!

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i agree that the community is getting worse but that reflects alot on the piece of shit they were actually allowed to package and sell to millions of people because of false advertising.

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Target Finder FTW. Heavy AIm Assist. Yes please. 2 Claymores or betties and 2 shock thingies. Yes PLease. Flak and Tac Mask. Yes. RPG ADSING in a corner YES Please. Scavenger recycling betties / claymores and my sweet shock thingies. Yes please. Fully auto semi autos. Yes Please.

But apparently they nerfed camping.

In all honesty I wouldn't care if the game actually was doing matchmaking based on you know Ping and not some selective frustrating BS..

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Target finder: camper's best friend

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I don't understand why there is so much complaining about camping. I mean I understand the complaints about people corner camping or aiming at a doorway all game. That's acceptable to complain about that but holding down positions and vantage points is what I would expect in any shooter much like it would be in real life. Don't expect people to just run and gun just because. It ok only makes sense to hold down certain points to give your team cover and an edge over the other team. Don't cry about it. Just find a way around it and move on. ( This doesn't apply to the idiots who lay down in one room all game.)

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To b honest, if they could sort out the dreadful lag i would be happy.

I hope they spend their time sorting the lag first rather that nerfing weapons and perks.

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The community will always find the most effective items and strategies and "overuse" them. It is the job of the developers to create a game that minimizes the chance of anything being overpowered.

How can you blame people using double betties/double shock charges, etc. if the developer made that possible? Do you really expect millions of players to abstain from doing everything they can to win?

That's like giving street gangs guns and being surprised that arguments turn into shootouts instead of fist fights.

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