Does Search and Destroy need special rules to accomodate the gamemode?

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

The Devs were appealing to the masses. A vast majority of people like fast paced games, what better weapon to use in a fast paced game than an SMG. Look at the map sizes if you don't believe me, they're mostly small-medium maps to push the tempo. And even amongst bigger maps look at which maps ALWAYS get the most votes. When's the last time Dome was an option and lost to a bigger map?

SMGs are truely OP in the last two CoD games but no one will admit it because they're the perfered guns in the community. If there was a way to measure damage over time (rate of fire and damage) I promise you Shotties and SMGs would all rank the highest. Give or take a Sniper (given the need for precise aiming though I wouldn't place too much consideration on them).

Also take a look at the perks, the perks that have the most direct effect to your Avatar in player vs player combat are all designed for Rushers with SMGs. SoH, Quickdraw, Stalker, Steady Aim, they all directly increase player performance for those who are wild and out of control. How often do you see an AR user using these perks compared to an SMG user?

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everybody bitching once again!!!! the guns are fine just a little recoil problem but the guns are fine. and people need to stop bitchin about the perks. they are in the game so get over it. dont like dont play. and SMG put out way more fire power than AR'S can ever dream of. the reason why i run with blind eye assassin and marksmen is because i hate being shot down by a helicopter ac-130 or a reaper i like picking people off across the map with my ACR it is funny as hell. so stop complaining about the guns and perks. one thing i will agree with you is the death streaks. they are annoying as hell. but they are for noobs and i understand why they are in the game. they can get rid of deads man hand and final stand. but everything else can stay and maybe  martydom but its not as bad finalstand.

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i wonder if u realize that BO2 is going to be an entirely different game that has little to no (hopefully) resemblence to IW products like the MW series but if Treyarch is wanting to pull this game in for a game of the year then deathstreaks need to be removed entirely and the whole stealth loadout that people like is much harder to acquire. IW didn't have a bad problem with the SnD gamemode but limiting people to certain perks would create an unfair advantage to the offending teams 75% of the time. due to the defending team being relativly close to both bombsites and with no stealth based perks, the defenders can simply call out a UAV and they know wat bombsite the offenders are trying to plant, this would almost give a wall bang advantage to the defenders not allowing the offenders a chance to even plant a bomb. stealth perks should remain, just make them harder to get.

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The argument made about the removal of stealth perks is this:

The amount of combat a player faces in S&D is a fraction to that of another gamemode. Players often use only their primary as that's all the amount of interaction with a enemy calls for. Rarely does a player need a secondary unless the secondary is their preferred weapon.

This being said most players can run with a launcher of some sort giving them the ability to take down every UAV that goes up. To make the game more upbeat, adding an emphasis to the fact that they need to shoot down airsupport

I do not necessarily agree with this but I did find it interesting

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1. Split-screeners should be banned from the gamemode

God I would love that. When you defend the bomb and kill a split-screener, you know you have to chance position, which is irritating.

2. Special set of Killstreaks that are designed for the low amount of possible kills

Great idea!

3. Removal\reduction of explosives given to players

I don't really see the problem with explosives in SnD?

4. Removal of certain perks (Recon, Blind-Eye, Assassin)

I would disagree on Blind-Eye and Assassin. 1. because the UAV is spammed in SnD, and 2. dying because of a pointstreak reward in SnD annoys more then everything.

5. Removal of Deathstreaks

Removel of Deathstreaks in the whole game plz!

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Add portable radars to that list.

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Way to jump onto the Portable Radar ban waggon. You could just use Assassin, Sitrep, EMP nade, or a jammer and not have to worry about them. There's plenty of counters to the PR

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As someone who every now and then plays in splitscreen, I can assure you, it's hardly an advantage. the 30fps 16:6 wide, depending on the tv, ~20inch screen is so much disadvantage that even if you would know everyone's location it would still be a disadvantage. Not to mention how hard it is to follow start map, scoreboard (= how many players alive), how much the score is, did you get a kill or not when you shoot someone or the fact that when you hear footsteps you don't know whose screen they are.

But answer to your question, other than ballistic vest, I don't think killstreaks are much of a problem, if someone earns, let's say a chopper, it's not like the game was going on your favor before that either. But yeah it would be better with only UAV and CUAV as killstreaks, and perhaps no explosives (other than nades, c4 and claymores, javelin is pretty fun in search & destroy though). I wouldn't remove any perks though (blind eye would be useless anyway), Assassin-QuickDraw-Hardline gives a good risk and reward playstyle, as does getting Dead Silence with the risk of running into a Claymore.

There are way bigger issues in the game than fixing S&D though.

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