Do You find Prestiging a Gun worth it?


Black Ops II PlayStation 3


Going through all those challenges, firing your selected weapon so much teaches you what works and what doesn't. I messed around with all different combos, playing the weapons with no perks, or not attachments simply makes you a better player. At least it did in my gaming.

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Use select fire and rapid fire. Best smg that can handle the rapid fire. Makes it beat the EVO by a mile.

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yeah its worth it. +15k when you reach max prestige if you already have gold. Hella worth it.

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no point in leveling it up again unless you want some quick and easy xp on your road to master prestige. Unless your like me and want as many calling cards as possible, its not worth it.

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If you prestige each weapon twice and reach the maximum attachment and camo unlocks, do this for all primary weapons to get the Primary Mastery calling card and do the same for secondary weapons to recieve the Secondary Mastery calling card.

It has to be done in order to get these 2 calling cards, getting gold / diamond alone will not cut it.

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I just prestiged it for the emblem and clan tag. I only prestiged the chicom after I got SMG's diamond. I don't think I'll prestige the ballista cause I'm just trying to get the iron sights for it cause I suck at sniping lol.

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Prestiging SMGs is quite easy. Prestiging AR is different story. Without stock ARs are total junk.

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The reason to presteige your weapon in this case is the hopes that you can learn to beast with it without select fire, leaving room for another attachment..

That was my hopes with the smr - I finally got comfortable with it (and ran a handgun as a secondary to make everything semi auto).  I FINALLY got comfortable using it without select fire.

...sadly, I put it back on and now I can take it back off lol

So just do it to show off your emblem

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The only reason to Prestige a weapon for the extra XP and the addition a clan tag and emblem.....the later two really mean nothing 

But if you want to complete all the challenges it is must to prestige get both the camo mastery titlke and the prestige level title......other than than that....... i dont see any reason

The Chicom is also a pain in my ass.....I have completred all the leveling challenges for it, but those bloodthirstys to turn it gold is a pain.........

But i have found using a wildcard to get the 3rd attachement  and using =  select fire, rapid fire, longbarrel or silencer makes it on heck of a weapon .....but as a burst gun .......i suck with it

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Prestiging a gun is definately worth it. When you get to max level prestige 2 you get a calling card and 5000 XP. When you get a gun gold you get another calling card and 5000 XP and when you have a gun gold and max level prestige 2 you get another calling card and 10 000 XP. Thats 20 000 XP just for using a gun.

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