Did Treyarch Test Game before Releasing it?

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

I cant even play SOLO on zombies! Really?

Will I be able to in the near future guys?

Im being serious, if I dont see improvments on the game I will not donate to you Treyarch the Developer any longer.

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The first pistol is basically useless you need 4 rounds to kill a zombie in the head.. It looks like though the higher the gun ( ie pistol ) the better it is.. I know the Bus pistol is beast and the shotty is really good but other than that nothing really.. I can't get past level 6 on normal on solo.. the Carbine isn't that good If I equip it..

But I hear what you're saying.. They need to Fix multiplayer and Zombie solo as well.. But Multiplayer needs to be first in my honest opinion..

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