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Black Ops II PlayStation 3


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I really like reinforcements, everything else kind of sounds like HQ or domination. They really need to add a gamemode like spy hunt from combat arms, a good mixture of ffa and team work objective play.

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I agree Reinforments does sound fun to play and the other ones do resemble Domination and HQ

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I love spy hunt. That would be awesome if they incorporated it into COD. Maybe they could also add the infected mode from combat arms. it's definetly better than the infected mode MW3 currently has...

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ManHunt (Infected Reversed) on Large Maps Only

1 player is the Hunter and 15 other players are Prey

The Hunter have a pistol with one shot kill and motion sensor

The Prey only have thier knifes. with ghost and marathon

The Objective of the games is for the Prey to suvive as long as possible.

Hunter and Prey obbjects changes with each kill. Meaning the when the hunters kills the role of hunter changes to the prey.

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Too slow paced and too adventageous for the Huntsmen as soon as even a small group has formed. This isn't a thread for the submission of other players ideas anyway, just a compilation of my own - not to sound too rude.

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I really like reinforcements

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Game mode name: Tug of War

Rules and Info: This could only be played on large maps. The map is split up into 4 seperate checkpoints. Two belong to you, two belong to the enemy team. The rules are simple, your entire team must make it past an enemy checkpoint to gain points without any enemies being behind you on your territory at the time.

So say your entire enemy team owns checkpoints 1 and 2. Your team captures 3, so your enemy team has only checkpoint 4. If you were to take checkpoint 4, you would win the round. However, if your entire team advances to check point 3, but even just one enemy is in checkpoint 1 or 2, you will be unable to capture checkpoint 3 until he is killed. If your team is pushed back to check point 1, you must fight the team back to checkpoint 2 to gain some breathing space.

This might be better if there were 6 checkpoints, divided evenly to the two teams. this would only work on large maps.

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Game Mode: Troop Leech

General Premise: The objective is kind of like infected and kill confirmed from mw3 where u have to get dog tags and get everyone on your team. The catch is that in order for the player to spawn on the other team, the dog tag has to be collected.  Also, both teams try to steal players from the other team, unlike infected where it was just one team stealing from survivors.  Basicly its Kill Confirmed + Infected where both teams are infected. It takes 10 seconds to respawn and it takes 10 seconds until the dog tag dissappears and can no longer be obtained.

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Game Mode: Quickscoping

Do I really need to say anything else

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