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Black Ops II PlayStation 3

The first one sounds like dodgeball.......


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Reinforcements sounds like a really good idea. The only thing I can think of to make it better is the removal of killstreaks from the game unless they were only specialist killstreaks.

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If Treyarch balance the killstreaks (something that IW seems to have a hard-time accomplishing) then I see no problem. Because of the decrease in recklessness of players due to the respawn mechanic, I'd say less kills are going to be garnered in the same space of time that they normally would in a more hectic Domination or Demolition game, meaning the killstreaks people acquire are going to be of a lower tier - say UAV's, Airstrikes and such.

But hey, if someone gets a 10 killstreak with UAV radar sweeps every 20 seconds, then I think they deserve a decent killstreak.

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The first one sounds good

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Ill give ya damn playmode. How about a team deathmatch where I don't spawn directly in front of the enemy 4 times a match.  How about a team deathmatch where my K/D ratio doesn't get completely fucked because of the spawning.  Thats all I want...

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I just want Ground war demolition,or atleast more Ground war modes(Ground war moshpit perhaps?)

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Sleeper Cell. A variation of Hardcore TDM where 1-3 players are secretly on the other team. The goal is to achieve the kill limit for the other team OR find and eliminate the imposter(s) on your team. Sleeper players cannot just turn around and kill everybody when the match starts because they would blow their cover, they would have to methodically pick off their "team". Friendly fire (as this is Hardcore) and the disabling of Killcams equates to trusting nobody, not even your squad. Obviously Mercenary rules would have to apply where clans can't form their own teams, but I think that's a viable mode that should be looked into. Thoughts?

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The first one sounds skatter ball and I heard theirs a game mode called Escort coming in bo2

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