Data is corrupt 80027---

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

I was playing on Raid. I have a habbit I built from MW2 to change my weapon as I check the score board when I respawn.

In Black Ops 2, for some godforsaken reason, that tries to bring up my profile (which is fucking retarded Treyarch), and I end up wasting time and "syncing trophies."

The problem is, at the end of the game, I pressed triangle, like a second or two before you would originally be brought back to the lobby. 

I was syncing trophies and the game froze. I left it there for about 5 minutes thinking it would continue. Nope. i was forced to hard reset. (Slim Ps3)

When I started the game back up, it said my data was corrupt. Everytime I change my weapon, data is corrupt. Everytime I change classes during game, data is corrupt. Everytime I do anything, data is corrupt. I can't end a match because the game freezes.

What do I do? I refuse to delete my data because I was working on a vet run through and I don't want to have to earn all the weapons for campaing again.

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delete the BO2 data and re-install it.

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Try deleting your bo2 data in the game data folder on the ps3. You won't lose any weapons or prestiges or emblems or anything. You will just need to reinstall the textures and update the game again.

By the way I have the exact same habit as you. I always changed my weapon as I look at the scoreboard. Been doing it since mw2 as well and it was a terrible idea by treyarch to view someone's profile from the scoreboard, just a terrible idea.

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It didn't work, so I had to delete all of it >.>

And then my stats were accidentally reset. So. I'm trading the game back >.>

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