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a question about the carepackage:
Is it possible to get killstreaks like a warthog, loadstar, vtol and the other stuff out of a carepackage? I only had killstreaks from drone to escort-drone(dont really know the english name x)) Cause i never got one of this but in a game i played a gamer had a warthog with 5/0 kills and later that game I saw a carepackage with a warthog-icon over it.

Thanks for answers.

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You can get every scorestreak from a care package, but there is a greater chance of getting the "low" streaks than things like Warthog, VTOL, Swarm.

I don't think anybody knows the exact numbers, but for example it might be like this:

10% RC-XD

10% HK Drone

10% UAV

8% C-UAV

8% Guardian

and so on, with only a 1% or 2% chance of Swarm or Dogs.

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yea you can get high level scorestreaks but it doesnt happen much

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Thank you very much ^.^

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I actually got a swarm in one game, and against a party of 6 they were like how the....??? I've also gotten dogs and Orbital VSAT, back in MW3 I got 2 osprey gunners in the same game

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you can re roll your carepackage using the tier 3 perk engineer so if you get a uav at first you can re roll and you might end up with a swarm instead lol (not likely BUT still possible)!!

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Got attack dogs twice and swarm twice and ive called in a buttload of care packages so it is rare but kinda fun if you like surprises

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