Care packages are terrible now

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

saucymitsanddip wrote:

I've got a least 2 care packages a game since the release and I've never gotten a scorestreak higher than a stealth chopper

You poor thing, I feel so sorry for you, you have such a hard life. Forget starving children in Africa, the OP guy never gets anything higher than a stealth chopper from care packages. We need to start a charity and have benifit concerts and need to get our politicians to act immediately to make sure that the OP never gets anything lower than lodestar from his care packages.

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Does everyone not realise that this thread was started on Dec. 4th, and the OP has 1 post ever? I doubt he comes back to check on his only thread.

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It's because of idiots who post a comment on an old thread. Then it stays at the top of the forum and people think its new.

I don't want to name names but joeskis just make a new thread next time.

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Care packages are great.... I never use them myself but like the free gifts and that they tell me where the other team will be sitting about waiting for them to drop... please keep using them.

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this little squeaker was trying to act like a badass on the mic cursing at our own team mates for no reason.. so i decided to troll him by re-rolling all his good care packages that would drop... in one game i rolled three of his care packages.... i rolled a VSAT to a Counter UAV, a Hell storm to a UAV and my favorite a Lonestar to a RCxd... after that one he raged and left the

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At least none of you CP haters are using the TF, MMS, SF, or QSing.

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1 game i had swarm, orbital vsat and 2 war machines lol.

heck yesterday i had back to back the escort drone lol.

engineer is a must if you run CP.

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True, i notice when i run engineer with care package i get much much better streaks

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yeah and of top of it you can go hard for objectives cause its really easy to earn a  CP.

especially if you also run with hardline.


scavenger or toughness


any weapon with silencer.

thropy system or emp grenade

C4 or grenade



Lightning Strike

very easy to earn a CP if you play domination or HQ or eve hardline.

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I have'nt gotten a swarm from one yet but i have got dogs and a warthog

You can't cure stupid, but you can sedate it.
Blood, Sweat and Beers.
gambit1969 Level 72
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