Care packages are terrible now

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

Damn RandoM Thiefs!

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First day I got K9 followed by Swarm

Last two weeks I have gotten more rcxd's and uav's than I can count

Considering I swapped engineer for dexterity I can't reroll anymore so I've ditched the package all together.

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Rerolling usually always gives me something better.

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ive had a swarm, escort drone, dogs and stealth choppers nine times out of 10 its a death/war machine at least its not ammo all the time now

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I have had a swarm from cp many times. Only scorestreaks i havent had from cp are lodestar and warthog.

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I've had K9 once, EMP once, VTOL and VSAT twice and one time, someone dropped a CP on a roof that was a swarm and as I started to black hat it (as no one else was) the connection was interrupted and the game stopped and booted out to lobby. Seems to me, the commonality of the CP reflects the points needed to attain said scorestreak fairly well.

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Good, care packages are in the game to cater to the noob's. You should be happy you got a stealth chopper for 550pts. I hate how a guy can get a few confirms (that aren't even his), a kill, and destroy some equipment, call in a care package and get a VTOL warship or Vsat. Care packages have never made sense to me. All streaks earned from care packages should have half the normal time limit and life than earned score streaks. They should also all be able to get shot down with one missle.

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I always have Engineer and used i would say around 50 carepacks - the best thing yet was EMP (3 times)...

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I always use a CP just for the fun of it. I am going to go with the engineer perk today and see how it goes, will even chuck in hardline and have some fun with it!

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I always run care-package and engineer to mix it up,

In the past week I have been lucky enough to get a swarm twice and K9 dogs once..

But I usually get a UAV or Counter UAV and then change it, and would would get either a lighting strike or better.

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