Care packages are terrible now

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

I've got a least 2 care packages a game since the release and I've never gotten a scorestreak higher than a stealth chopper

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That is why I don't use it.. I try and take the enemies..

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Lol troll much blackops was pratically ammo everytime this time you usually get something useful

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I loved the ammo CP. It saved my ass many times when I ran out. A full set of nades, flashes, another claymore and my M16 was filled

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Just like in BO1 it's based on percentages.  The lower scorestreaks have a higher percentage of showing up in a care package, as it should be.  You can always run the Engineer perk to re-roll & try to get luckier with the second try.

Besides, I consider any care package which doesn't rubber-band 10 miles off the map or become impossible to open because it landed on an angle to be a good one.

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There are worse packages than the rubber-band 10 miles, it's the slide on th edge of reach.

Yesterday my package came down on the "spolier/aerofoil" of Hijacked's fancy boat and on the lip of the swimming pool, placed perfectly, I could jump and briefly receive the "push square for ......" package retrieval icon.

Problem was - and maybe this is new to BOII - I couldn't retrieve it like in previous games when timing the square button right would allow you to collect it even once you fall out of range, so long as it was initiated in range.

Well, there were other problems too, I'd died several times trying (Packages tend to draw unwanted attention and the maps are small), plus one of the busiest enemies kept trying to take it or kill me and between us there was an assortment of launchers and primaries being picked up in place of the Care Package.

Fun and games, I say.


New potential game mode: Care Package. Fight out in ridiculous scenes of jumping and dying over a Care Package [I can see the kill whores now, make kills worth just 25 XP/score].

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Run engineer.... don't like the contents? double tap!

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Or play with the team 'mates' I was put with yesterday on Hijacked. That way you don't get to actually use your own care package.

Got one care package dropped at the back of the boat and a 'mate' actually specifically ran over and stood by me, then took it as I tried to reroll a UAV. My next package I kept well away from everyone and another guy tried to black hat from a distance it as it dropped - I saw him do it. The third one I dropped onto a roof but had to black hat it myself to get it, wasting a black hat. The fourth one a team mate took an Escort Drone while I was shooting at 2 enemies who ran towards me as the package dropped. The Canute won the game with that streak. I left the lobby after the game ended.

I hate how you can't have a different scorestreak per class like in MW3, I would have swapped streaks if I had got chance beforehand if I had known it was Hijacked, and used a Guardian or sentry gun instead, but it was one of those cases where the lobby joins another and instantly starts a game.

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Haha! Teammates that still CPs from other teammates are dbag punks and there's no denying that. They're the same guys that'll still in real life too. It definitely exposes them as morally defective. 

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I do not use care packages unless I am playing with people I know.

It sucks that randoms may try and steal it, but such is life.  I do not leave my wallet in my car for the same reason: I am not asking to have it stolen, but guess what...

You cannot change other's habits; you can only change your own.

If I ever do forget to change my streaks, I do not even try to re-roll it.  It falls, I grab it.. Damn a UAV? oh well... at least I got it!

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