Cant load edited films for rendering

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

Im not all too knowledgable about the theater stuff but I created a video from a match, saved it and uploaded it to my account.  Now I want to render it for Youtube.  When I click on Edited Films, the loading never stops for any of them.  I can still load normal films and other stuff with no problem but the edited ones will never finish loading.  Is this more lag and glitches or what?

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Same thing here! I hope this gets fixed. I wanted my friends to see my wicked final killcam.

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after posting, I notice it would do this for alll matches I would load. sometimes it would go through but mostly they

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Registered: ‎18-08-2011 the short term, Edited Films and Emblems will be unavailable. Back online as soon as possible. 

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