Can we agree these 3 critical things need looking in to?

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

  • The lag spikes, and how either only the host or players with bad connections benefit in firefights.
  • The spawns and how at times you will either spawn inches from where you just died or got killed in engagment only to be killed again or spawn behind your killer.
  • The aim assist and how it seems to be way to strong just barely pressing R1 will snap quickly to your enemy, At times it's seems like you don't even need to aim.

I'm sure there some other problems people feel that need to be adresses but I think most will agree these are critical and of course the people who can't join games are already getting a hotfix so that goes without saying, What do you guys think are these the most important?

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Host in BO2  DOES NOT benefit in any way!!!!

In fact there's obvious host's disadvantage, that's why you see so many host migrations during each play.

I've hosted 50% of my games and it's just ridiculous I would rather see slight host advantage like in MW2 than the punishment.

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Yeah I guess thing changed a lot used to be in MW2 being host gave you advantages now I see guy's with 2-3 bars on top of the scoreboards and everytime I see the killcam I don't even get them near death.

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Stuttering sound cut out issue. Freezing.

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I've had some freezing issue at the menu but in matches I mostly get lag spike, And I get 20 MB on my internet.

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I constantly end up hosting and have never ever seen an advantage fro having a good connection in fact It appears I get penalised for it, In game comms are hit and miss with a party, playing with a party is a nightmare since update,constantly having people thrown out of game, Game mode selection has become a pain, selecting TDM I got put into groundwar! I have had to do two hard resets on ps3 due to the game freezing once as a match was about to begin and another when it was at end of match. The spawns are terrible Treyarch recently mentioned they have about 2% bad spawns in the game seems I constantly end up in the bad spawn area then, not yet seen the 98% decent spawn spots lol

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