Can You Guys Test This By Your Own? (BS Deaths)

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Can You Guys Test This By Your Own? (BS Deaths)


I wanted to see if you guys could test this by yourselves! I started running into too may bullshit deaths like I will explain on point 3, but since I started to be aware of it, of when it happens, now sometimes I manage to avoid some of these bullshit deaths: I wanted to know if you can too. If yes we can turn this in a little advantage for us, if we can even say that!,

I run very communly into at least 3 kind of bullshit deaths:

1 - "Strange-chasing" grenades: they will just explode on you, you can run right, left, front, doesnt matter sometimes, it will explode on you no matter what;

2 - The "Strange-Sway" on my crosshairs, which Ghamorra wrote about: the aim goes up and down suddenly;

3 - But third, and more important: when I get "pushed" against a wall suddenly, misteriously, and get shot 1-2 secods after.

Ill try to explain a bit better, although I wanted to have a better English to explain it more accuretely. Imagine Turbine map for instance: Im running by the side of the plaine, Im planning on enterig the plaine by using that middle entrance, when suddenly Im getting "pushed" against rocks or wall and get shot. Imagine Raid map: i want to enter house but again, im suddenly "pushed" against a wall or a corner that I know it was there, but its like Im stuck, and bam, shot-dead.

Hope this gives an idea of what im trying to explain. So I started to realize that when these strange occurences happened I would get shot just a bit after. Since it happens on a daily-basis (2-3 times a day for me), I started to be more aware of it, and started to see it this way: those are the moments where Im already dead on someones screen and thats why i my screen I get stucked against a wall corner, or whatever.

So I started to treat theses strange moments as moments where If I dont do anything ill be dead. So now when I get that weird thing of getting pushed against an object, of getting stucked against a corner or wall, I stopped trying to do what I was gonna do: now when that happens or ill go phrone, or ill try to move backwards. What I dont try anymore is to complete what I was trying to do: I will get stucked for real and get dead.

So now when it happens I go phrone for instance, get really defensive cause I know my dead is imminent, and guess what? In many of those moments ill still get shot and die, but on many of them now I can survive by being aware of this "programming- thing": and theres ALWAYS, BUT ALWAYS, "that" guy that was gonna shoot me.

Does anyone here experiences this too? Does anyone here understands what im trying to explain!?

Thank you!

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i get this problem every time i play cod bo2 and it's very very annoying i was to get my first nuclear and i'm die because this bullshit


it's not required

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Re: Can You Guys Test This By Your Own? (BS Deaths...

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My friend its lag you experienceing when you move the game is lagging for you due to propbably Poor Interenet Or Bandwidth problems this happens when you move and the game lags causing you to hit the Wall and get stuck their. 

Second the grenades move when they are on your feet or well underneath your feet like if a ball was on the ground and i keep walking around kicking it so yea thats one thing for that Grenades well Frags anyway

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Re: Can You Guys Test This By Your Own? (BS Deaths...

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I know its lag, but its not the lag where you empty a clip on someone just for them rotate and kill you: its lag where you get pushed against some object so someone can have an easy kill on you, game stucks me against weird things. But now I know what will happen when it occurs.

Do you experience it too? Because lag we all have!.

About the grenades: im not a noob, and I even know there are lucky grenades: im ok with that. What Im not ok with is: Im in a spot, I start seeing the grenade indicator, I run fastly, but really fastly, to the left side of that room (for instance) and the grenade explodes on me. I see killcam (like "How the fuck I ran so much and it still exploded on me??") and this is what I see in killcam: grenade was never where I was on first place (and where I started receiving the grenade-indicator). Grenade was always on the second place (to where I ran to).

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