Camping IS a valid playstyle BUT...

Black Ops II PlayStation 3


Camping IS a valid playstyle BUT...

Camping IS a valid playstyle to this game, and any shooter game that has a sniper gun as a weapon choice is fine by me.  BUT can we please do something about the opposing players names above their head appear brighter, quicker?

I don't mind being sniped (hard scoped) but when I when I go hunt them down I need to be able to see them when I am ADS. I can't tell you how many times that I have gone back to kill them and when I put them in my sights my view does not register them. All they appear to be is black objects far away. You have to try harder than normal to kill them. I shouldn't be punished because I choose not to have a sniper rifle that has a scope on it as my weapon of choice.

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