'Call of Duty: Black Ops 2' DLC leaked, details on maps and new weapon inside

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

A snow map might be enough to get me to purchase.

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That's all this game needs.....another SMG.....

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I cant wait i need more maps

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Bums me out that the new weapon is an SMG, they are so overused as it is, but whatever, new content is always nice.

Then again, I always say they should fix the existing issues in the game first, then release DLC, but its not like they'd listen to me...

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so i guess ill loose my diamond camo now they add a new SMG

they never added any weapons to the game before so i highly doubt they will do this.

in this case i want a new equipment or attachment that gives me the option to scramble my whereabouts.

also add in some anti aircraft scorestreak.

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Hard to say what they will do but yes you could loose the diamond camo, or maybe you will just have to gold it to get diamond.

Personally I would like to see a "True Ghost"  so I could actually snipe the way it was meant to be.

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i highly doubt we will ever see a true ghost in this game lol.

i hope infinity dont go walk this pad.

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Looks legit to me personally.

I'm actually very happy they are including this much in a DLC. Hopefully the other ones are just as jam packed. If a new gun is coming that is awesome.

Also I'm happy they are doing 4 MP maps and only one zombies. I was worried it would be two zombies and 3 MP maps.

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     I was wondering when they'd start putting guns into the DLC.  I was thinking that was the reason for the lack of LMG, Shotguns and Snipers.  More SMGs is kind of dumb.

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I think at this point we may see other things added to the DLC. Times will get tough and they will have to fish with fresh bait.

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