CLAN XP Questions for those who know and can answer.

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

Ok, I have a few questions that I am hoping someone can help me to understand.

I'm currently working on our clan website. [under construction]     FSEW =  Full Sclae Engagement War.  I'm adding member pages\pictures, and even giving members who have html knowledge their own FTP access to their own page\folder.  So all is going great and swell. I'm not wanting any more than about 19 members total as I dont know if it's a benefit to have a larger clan. I figured it would be more fun to have a smaller clan of about 20 people maximum so we can all get to know each other. Trying to get to understand clan operations a bit better I went ahead and enlisted into a daily clan challenge.

The challenge was to capture 50 flags for at least 100 clan xp. At the time only two of us were on. We easily captured 50 flags together within the hour that we dedicated to this clan challenge, and after between the two of us accumilating over 50 flags we went back to our normali HC team death match. Today I check our clan XP. There is none!  So my question is does each member to be involved in a clan challenge also have to go on the cod clan HQ page, and enlist theirself into the challenge, or can just the clan leader do this? This is the only reason I can think why we didnt at least get clan XP for the more than 50 flags we captured. Maybe it was only counting my flags or half of 50 flags being 25 since I was the only one who actually enlisted.

My second question is I entered a clan challenge today for my clan to be involved in. It says top 25% gets bronze  etc... Does my entire clan have to go to the cod hq  page, and each of them enlist into the clan challenge?  If so if I have them all enlist, and we play together today. Do we have to play against another clan, or do we just jump in and start playing, and we have to rank at least in top 25% of ALL OF COD PS3 OFFICIAL CLANS to get a bronze?

It would be nice if someone can clear this up for me so I can get my clan on track for todays events.

Also if someone could answer if there is any benefit to exploding a clan member size to over what a standard clan room can hold!

Thank you,


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