Brilliant Game, loads of potential, but fast internet seems to have ruined it for me...

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

Brilliant Game, loads of potential, but fast inter...

When BO2 came out I was on a reasonable Virgin Media broadband in the UK and it was OK. Got an experience which felt right - kill cams looked like they should have and everything worked well - great game...

I also used to be in a lobby and almost everyone had a 4 bar green connection - almost every time.

...However, on Friday I got a new broadband Fibre service installed giving me 30mb down and 20mb up with an average pingtest of 15ms - no traffic shaping and it is a brilliant internet connection.

However, since this Black Ops 2 on the PS3 has become very very frustrating. Im getting killed by people who I don't see (until the kill cam show them there), I'm losing 75% of the 50-50 gun battles, wheras I used to lose 25% I reckon and I find myself getting very upset which is complete contrast to my first weeks of gaming on Black OPs 2.

The main difference is also, that every lobby around 50% of the players now have 3 bar yellow connections, which must mean that those bars show the relationship of their connection to your connection. basically, my new connection is more powerful than their connection - demonstrated by most 3 bars showing.

It is the 3 bars connections that become invisible, appear on kill cams when I didn't see them on screens etc etc.

So I'm a bit stuck now - my new fast connection seems to have made multi-player awful - so much so, that I'm thinking of switching it back unless I can find a way of making it worse whilst playing on the PS3 - frustrating as the game replies on people with fast connections like myself to host the games - but on the evidence of what I have experienced, then more and more people are going to drop out which would be a huge huge shame for the game and for us.

I do hope that this can be fixed...

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Re: Brilliant Game, loads of potential, but fast i...

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Welcome to the world of lag compensation, it wont be fixed, it was the same in MW3 and it will remain in Black Ops 2. For some reason the devs thought it would be great to give everyone on a crap connection a massive advantage.

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i had this exact same thing happen to me on MW3. and it ruined the game for me completely. was dreading the release of BO2 thinking it would be the same but it seems that treyarch have managed to make it a little better. I still suffer on about 40% of my games but actually manage to get some "fair" games as well now. switching load outs and gamemodes to find the one that works well for you in BO2 is the key to having fun matches. I used to be a strict domination player but can't really get into dom comfortably on this game so i started switching up my gamemodes. having a blast ever since. Even TDM is fun in this game

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I agree match placement should be based on connection preformance as well as skill level. I would rather see the guy whos shooting me and getting capped because of my bad judgement then his unfair lag bunny jumping on my screen.

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The lag is way worse on BO2. I play mostly Domination and have racked up 500 hours on MW3 while maintaining a .95 ratio. I have maybe 10 hours on BO2 and have a .79 ratio right now. I have never experienced so much BS as I have on BO2. Whole clips to kill,while it takes 3 bullets to get killed. I also have a good internet speed which matches the OP. I get 4 bars everytime and I see these 3 bar guys just kicking my ass. Once I get the 1st Prestige I don't see myself playing this game much. I've gone back to MW3 and am happy to actually get positive games.

The only thing that keeps me around is the hope that they will fix the issues eventually.(doubt it tho) Even BO1 was great for me. Total fail for this new game tho.

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This happens to me a lot, I found the lag isn't bad when your in a party of peeps. I try to play with the same people with decent connection, this way I know how the lag compensation MIGHT act. Of course, this thoery is out the window when the opposite team is two bar the whole game.

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best suggestion is that when you got to select your match make sure you set your search perferences as best. This way the game tries to pair you with connections equally as good as yours. So far I've done that and been doing fairly well.

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