Black ops 2 Season pass now £42 ps3 was told £35 when i bought black ops 2


Black Ops II PlayStation 3

I really dont know why people buy the season pass now when the content is not going to be able for ages anyway...

I wil wait until the week before the DLC starts to come out as I bet the price drops, plus im not too sure I even want to buy it having being riped off for purchasing the Hardened Edition for Nuketown zombies then everyone gets it throwen in for free (sorry to bring that up again).

The whole Xbox having "cheaper" DLC is another punch in the nose for PS3 users.

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The Nuketown map was only available in MP not in Zombies so you still got something everybody else didn't get with your hardened addition.

People like myself like to make a saving, when you can, especially when we know we'll purchase all the available DLC. The season pass priced at 42 quid isn't a saving at all unless Sony are planning on selling the individual packs between 13 and 15 pounds which, unfortunaltely I think is coming to justify the high price season pass.

I think this might backfire anyways, I'm guessing they'll be 3 multuplayer map packs plus 1 exclusive zombie map back which I don't intend to buy if I'm forced to buy seperately.

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The Nuketown Zombies map is being released as a bonus for season pass holders.  I'm guessing it's because it has a part in the easter eggs and they don't want to leave people out.

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You are wrong the nuketown zombies is/was included in the hardened edition as I have it after some calls made to sony and activison to sort my code out.

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I'm definitely not buying it, because of the difficulty I've had even getting the game to work.

But I have an official Black Ops 2 leaflet I picked up from Game before it was released which states;


Get more from your game. 4 map packs to be released soon.

4000 Microsoft points (£32.99) or £34.99 PSN''

That is exactly how it's written, except that it is written in all caps. So why was it cheaper on xbox? And why did the price change?

How many people have already paid the £40+ quid for it? Will they be refunded? I doubt it.

Anyways, at least you know it was in writing as £35.

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This is stupid, Microsoft pay millions just so Playstation users have to pay more for the DLC and we now lag! Activision should think about there customers and make the game fair for both platforms

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Hi guys, just found this on the official PlayStation Forums:

Hi guys,

I can confirm that the price for the Black Ops 2 Season Pass is correct at £41.99.

The price is set by the games publisher Activision however if you have any questions for me please ask.


Which makes no sense seeing as it is advertised at £34.99.

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Game originally put the season pass on sale at £34.99 in psn voucher form (I know because I bought one)  they were told it was going to be this price. However they jumped the gun and the actual price is £41.99.

I went back to game and was told I would have to pay the additonal by buying a £10 which the would give me for £7. I told them to swivel! Got on the phone to their head office to be informed that it wasn't their fault, nothing they could do. Couldn't have my money back as it's a download blah blah blah. They even tried to say that tecnically I had only bought a psn voucher not a season pass. Told them that was utter rubbish. It was bought as a season pass. It's not a download until it's linked to an email addy or had been used to log in. Until then It's a voucher.

More heated words and a threat to take it to trading standeds (who would wipe the floor with them) and I got the additional voucher for free and had £10 put on my reward card.

If anyone has already bought the season pass in voucher form for £34.99 Don't be fobbed off it's games responcibility to make sure you get the additional credit. Be aware though that they will try every trick in the book to get out of it!

On the subject of difference in price between ps3 and xbox... Same old same old we always get the rough side of the sand paper!

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Yeah I had trouble with GAME once over a PC game which they charged me £20 for when it was priced at £5. They refused to refund me as I had opened the wrapper, not realising they had mischarged me. They still would not after I had phoned up head office until I threatened legal action then they gave up and gave me my money back.

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