Black Ops 2 in game menu switch to COD Elite Causing System to Freeze

Black Ops II PlayStation 3


Black Ops 2 in game menu switch to COD Elite Causi...

Has anyone else experienced this?

When I am in one of the main BO2 menu screens there is an option to switch over and view COD Elite.  Thus a within game launch of COD Elite.  It will begin to load COD Elite and it will hang up causing a complete PS3 system freeze.  It does not happen every time but enough to where I know there is problem here that must be fixed.

Oddly enough I am experiencing this at a lower frequency (but still enough to notice) when I launch COD Elite from the main PS3 home screen.  In other words, not launching it from within the BO2 game.

If you add the above two scenarios to all the other BO2 caused PS3 system freezes I am having to manually do a hard reset and let PS3 do a syste restore scan looking for corrupted data, etc....ALL OF THIS CANT BE HEALTHY for the longevity of my PS3 system!!!!  Am I correct to assume that these BO2/COD Elite caused system freeze ups are harmful to my PS3 hardware/system???

Would appreciate other comments so I can better understand how this will affect my PS3 hardware long-term.  Also, anyone else experience issue like I note above with COD Elite causing freezes as well?

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