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Re: Black Ops 2: THE WORST COD EVER!

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I play the game because CoD is a genuine hobby.  I spend much of my free time either playing the game or working on my YouTube channel.  So, when a new CoD game comes out, I am excited to dive in and have some fun.  And for the first time in the CoD series, I fail to have fun.  It's not the maps, the scorestreaks or the graphics.  It's simply the connection issues.  How can one consistantly have fun in a game when he is a half second behind the other players.  Something is broken in Black Ops 2 lag compensation.  There is no consistency day to day, heck even game to game.  I can even get cursed midway through a game. 

So, I complain because I have the right to do so.  I spend money on a product that is not working for me and many others.  If it is working for you then congrats, you are the lucky one.  Why not start your own thread named "Black Ops 2 is the greatest game ever" and see how many views you get. 

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Re: Black Ops 2: THE WORST COD EVER!

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AUTiger93x wrote:

I've never seen a game of this magnitude have so many problems.  People say don't play it if you don't like it.  I say if I am going to spend money on a game, then I should get some enjoyment out of it.  Activision should carefully consider if Treyarch should ever be able to produce another game like this one.  The lag is awful, the hit detection is even worse.  Don't they read comments?  Do they even care?  I doubt either.  Your game sucks Treyarch.  All around sucks.  Nothing works correctly on a daily basis.  Hire some better qualified people and make something worth playing.  Black Ops 2 is a complete joke.  Infinity Ward games are made so much better. 

These threads repeat themselves in every title, someone just doesn't like the game and feels the past were better and its all the same. Sucks it happened to you, but past games are that, the past this is the newest title and we play it for what it is.

Im guessing when the new title comes out, someone will write about it being the worse one yet, that BO2 was better.

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Re: Black Ops 2: THE WORST COD EVER!

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Meh, it's my favourite so far.

It's smooth and the most blanced of them all (imo).

I find that the biggest complaint is lage, and maybe I'm rare, but I've never had a real issue. I've taken the steps to ensure a quality connection.

The other complaints are the normal whining due to noob-ism or simply a refusal to adapt to the balancing.

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Re: Black Ops 2: THE WORST COD EVER!

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I would agree...

I (personally) think the BO2 concept is the best thus far.  Its playability, well that is another story. Playability has gone down since MW2 (generally accepted statement).

Personally, MW3 has been the worst for me.

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Re: Black Ops 2: THE WORST COD EVER!

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100% agree with you. What's with this stuid probation feature? Has Treyarch or Activision thought about the people who are lagging, the bad host and games that already begun? Like come on, seriously. The only reason I like the game is because of Zombies, but even that now is retarded. The maps are bascially the same on each side, with everyone fighting over the middle. When Infinity Ward did the maps, each side has a advantage and disadvantage. This might just be me, I liked MW3 way better, when the DLCs were annouced I was excited, everytime. The DLCs for BlackOps2 are not that good, the only thing I like about it is the Weapon and camo DLCs. FORGOT TO MENTION... When you try and join someones game, it takes you all the way back to the main menu just to tell you that the server is full or you can't join. Why can't you tell me that right away? it's annoying. Everyone in the lobby is lagging, I thought it was my internet, but when I play other games online, it works completely fine. I hope this is their last game, if it isn't. Let Infinity Ward help you out on making your next Call of Duty. Let Infinity Ward make the multiplayer and Treyarch could make the multiplayer. For the campaign guys, Infinity Ward should take care of that too. The Modern Warfare Campaign for me had a great storyline. This is the last time I buy a treyarch game, unless someone helps them. I only play Zombies now, and I went back to MW3 for multiplayer.

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