Black Ops 2 - Chance and Skill Balance

Black Ops II PlayStation 3


The following is my reasoning for why I think this game is less appealing to players with a higher skill base. With almost every game there is an amount of skill and chance. The more chance you have in a game the less skill is needed. The less skill that is needed the less reason there is to get good at it and try to improve. Unfortunately players with a low skill set who don't care to improve like this because they can do better without improving skills when luck rolls in there favor.

What makes Black Ops 2 random and in turn less of a skill based game. Not in order of priority.

1. Instant spawn deaths

This includes airstrike death or spawning you 2 seconds from enemy player or my favorite spawns you in a spot where the enemy player is already ADSing.

2. Most capture points have 4 to 5 points or entry (bad level design for skill based game)

This means no madder how skilled you are at being aware of your surroundings it doesn't madder because allot of time its just going to be thrown to chance what door they come through. This is agitated in hard point by the random spawns.

3. Very Defined Gun Specialization

Lets take the most extreme example so I can explain this definitively. Consider for a moment the shotgun. No madder how bad or good the player is the shotgun equipped pretty much means I win in really close range and I loss at long range. No madder how skilled you are you aren’t going to take out a guy with a shotgun at close range the majority of the time. Now SMG's kill way faster then rifles at close range and seemingly faster then riles at mid range depending on the smg. Rifles aren’t nearly as viable at close range anymore. So now the game seems more like rock, paper, scissors then it does aiming skill. What ever situation you find yourself in its determined more by what gun someone is holding now and there for less about aiming skill in general.

4. Connections

This has always been a problem and without going into a huge rant on why I will say that lag compensation does not fix this at all and if anything makes the game less consistent on its behavior.

5. No spawn timers in objective games

Almost nothing is more frustrating then killing an entire team (either by yourself or with your team) with in a few seconds and jumping to get the objective to just have one of them spawn close to the objective and take you out. To me this 100%  =  broken. Please tell me why the game designers decided to made this game a fps when at times there is no reason to kill the other players because there just going to spawn 2 seconds from the place you just killed them at and basically doesn't by you any time for getting the objective.

As someone who gets to finally prestige on pretty much every game. I am seriously considering quieting or only playing champion league on this COD (Less people seems to = less random). I still think COD4 was the best call of duty game and much can be learned from that game aside from connection problems and noobtubes. I think Activation wants to appeal to the players who don't play much and in the process the game keeps become less and less about skill and more and more about trying to get the game in a more chanced based setting where less skilled players can get more kills. Basically distribute the kills evenly amongst the players.

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