Black Ops 2 Care Package Edition? Worth it?

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

I cant decide in this. What do you guys think?  Is the care package worth it? I'm thinking that it would be a box not the care package as I saw on the unboxing video. The bigger one and I also think that the Drone thing is too delicate meaning the next day of playing it, Broked. I would sure use it but I don't wanna waste my money on the drone that I broke. So tell me your opinions, should I get the care package? Is it worth it? It's not a yes-or-No question, tell with details why I should get it. Or I could just get the hardened.

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Ugh, I repeated somebody's thread. Sorry, don't answer but If you do, I would appreciate it.

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I went with the hardened edition because you get everything in the care package edition besides the quadrotar and the care package to me that's not worth an extra $100

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No. Why would anyone think it's worth it to spend $100 on a cheap RC drone and it's box?

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If you're even considering not getting the ultra-deluxe wünderba mega version, then just buy the Hardenened. Everything of consequence is in that anyway. The vérsione supremo is for nut and crackers.

so, no.

PS. Have you seen the Attack Dogs version?

(it comes personally delivered by a furry friend).

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I used to be a model enthusiast when younger (helis, boats, cars etc)

The quadrotor looks at the cheaper end of models

3arc aren't going to spend lots on these quads as this would reduce their profit margin.

If you want a decent quadrotor they range from $100-$1000

This ones a toy, although probably good fun, as for the rest of the care package it's not for me.

Just my opinion

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Probably not but I'm still getting it!!!!

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not worth it at all $5 toy wish i I could give it back and tell them to shove it up there ass

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it you like spending 180 bucks on styrofoam then yes carepackage edition is worth it, the quadrotor thing is complete trash fllys like crap, your better off buying one those 10 dollar helicoptr things from wal mart they are better quality at least. This only good thing about it is the care package itself. It's a cool box but is a plastic box really worth that much i think not. ever since mw2 i buy the best edition they release and they keep getting worse and worse.

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