BO2 DLC? Not me. Not until ...

Black Ops II PlayStation 3

I'm happy for "those of you" out there, who are excited for DLC on the PS3... no, really ... go you!

I however, am not even considering spending another penny as long as I continue to see hacked/glitched cheater accounts in games...

And that's that.

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Cool, another one of those "Look at me and my ultimatium" threads. Go You!

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Mmm .. no. Don't look at me.

But I would love to increase the "public pressure" on the Developers to do what they should have done long ago...

I will be greatly disappointed in their corporate business ethic should it come out later that they are just "holding out" until the sales of the DLC have greatly declined.

Thanks though, for contributing to this cause by virtue of propagation.

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Well if you think about it, people who glitched were stupid enough to do it, don't you think they'll be stupid enough and get hype enough to pay for DLC? Easy money, easy ban, please see them holding up for DLC sales as an extra punishment for all glitchers.

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I don't know... seems like that just further reinforces the gratification for them that "they got away with it.. even into the DLC content".

It almost feels like the devs think it's a thing that will pass in time... well, ya... so does the Flu but I won't be going back for any more of that either..

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I think the game seems to be playing a little better lately. It's been about a week since I've seen a lag switcher and I'm not seeing as many of those matches where you're obviously on the bad side of the connection. The matchmaking is still not great, but it hasn't been since MW2 so that's no surprise. Multiple host migrations along with aborted games remain fairly consistent, it's a shame they can't institute that 5 minute probation system without causing other problems - that would prevent some of that. I haven't caught anyone boosting for over a week and like a lot of you I played a lot during the double XP event. If my perception of the game continues to improve I may snap up the Season Pass - I'm holding off for now though.

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I'm with you on that....maybe the last tweak helped me. Sadly, every time I say this on the forum a new update comes out for the playlist and it's back to lag nation. Hopefully, it stays because the recent update helped big time. I have cable Internet and my PS3 is hard wired (hopefully more host advantage). Or, I have been put into good lobby's by chance but either way, the unpredictability is frustrating as hell.

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Im only buying it for the gun. Could care less about extra maps

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wow... seriously? For $50 you could buy... Borderlands 2... which sports thousands of guns.

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Seriously, buying DLC for the gun, you my friend are a developers wet dream.

In UK DLC is approx $68 im am looking at an alternative game not DLC.

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